5 Times Taimi Nuunyango Gave Us A Run For Our Money

She is a smart worker

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Youtuber, influencer, make-up artist Taimi Nuunyango has been working through some things but she continues to make sure that she works even through all of that, even when on death's bed sis will not stop putting out content and we love her for it.

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These are some of her looks that we cannot get enough of. She did the most here:
Taimi was just battling Covid-19 behind closed doors and sis did not even say a thing on it and that is with good reason, we understand man. She took to her YouTube channel to express to us what happened and how she got to a point of testing.

She said, "So exactly two weeks ago, I started feeling really weird. I think from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday but Tuesday I was like arg, maybe I am just tired, it is probably just fatigue and then Wednesday, I couldn't sleep. I literally couldn't sleep, I was in bed tossing and turning. I remember at some point, texting Dennis, like in the middle of the night, like are you up, I cant breathe properly

"I thought maybe I am having an anxiety attack cos I tend to have those so I eventually did fall asleep and then this Thursday night, I experienced the same thing so I brought it up, Dennis and I were discussing it and he was like maybe you should go to the Doctor but you know I was avoiding the Doctor so much because I just felt like they'll just tell me I have Covid because this is something I have had before, I have experienced this before

And I think it has more to do with like my blood pressure and all of that cos my family has a history of like blood pressure and heart issues, like my mom specifically so in my gut I knew that it was that but then I also didn't want to ignore the fact that I was struggling to breathe which was one of the Covid-19 symptoms so yea Thursday night was still the same story, Friday night was still the same story and I was just taking pain killers at the time and sleeping a lot.

"I couldn't take appointments I remember so now I was like really panicking because I thought maybe its covid so I also had to pause interms of business. I wasn't really in contact with people, I stayed at home. I think the only person that I was in contact with was my boyfriend Dennis. At the same time I was also very scared for him because if I have covid that means he might also get it and between the two of us, I have a stronger immune system. He gets sick easily so i was just like scared for that.

Taimi says things got really intense on Sunday, she even cried. Her boyfriend convinced her to go to the Doctor. They went and they ran blood tests, her blood pressure and heart rate. She had a mild fever and her blood pressure was up the roof. At the time, they weren't doing Covid tests but the doctor advised that they do it so they sent her to Robert Mugabe Hospital to do her test.

The results came back four days later and lucky for her, her results were negative for Covid-19.

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