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Working Double Hard- Skrypt

By  | Mar 19, 2020, 11:29 AM 

Award-winning rapper Hitji Katjatenja better known as Skrypt promises to deliver more music and remain relevant even after scooping the best Hip Hop/Rap award at the 2019 Namibian Annual Music Award (NAMAs).

Speaking to Nalebrity, the rapper mentioned that he is currently in the studio working on new tracks that aims to touch more hearts.

“I decided to celebrate only at a later stage, I don’t want to stop now and I believe, that is the mistake a few artists make when they have won, they slow down. I have a few singles lined up and that is where my main focus is right now” he said.

He added that inspiration to continue moving hails from Kwaito star Gazza, as he continues to climb the ladder and remained focus despite scooping multiple awards in the past.

“I respect those guys because they never stopped, even after winning so many awards,  they have never relaxed but rather continued pushing higher no matter what,” he explained.

The rapper who also pulled off an amazing performance at the NAMAs further mentioned that there is a need to prove himself and to music lovers at large on why exactly he deserved to win.
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“At the end of the day, I have to back up the award and the critics with more good music to prove myself why I was regarded as the best rapper. I believe we also teach through hip hop and as rappers it is our responsibility to continue doing justice to those who listens to us. It is our job to inspire through our lyrics,” he said.

According to Skrypt, his music journey officially kicked off in 2012 and he never looked back ever since.

In 2018, he released a free mixtape 'For The Wait', with the lead single 'No Going Back' which made tremendous making waves all over social media.

Besides appearing on all-star hip-hop cyphers and performing at countless shows in the capital, he was once a product of 22 Entertainment, a Spanish label that managed him a couple of years ago. Under them, he released the 'Daydreams' mixtape – which featured songs such as 'Blue Sky' and 'Dream'.

He is now an independent artist who has been pushing his brand alongside his two buddies Lioness and KP Illest.
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