Amushe Paints The City Red

Forex trader and entrepreneur Michael Amushelelo is determined to splash out millions of dollars to promote his newly established political party People Organised Working for Economic Reality (POWER).

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For the past few months, Amushe has  been waxing lyrical about a new political party on social media saying he has created a party to contest in the elections this year.

The billboards he has placed around the Windhoek city, surely proves that this young bragger, is putting his money where his mouth is. He is determined to take on the big guns within the Namibian political era.

Speaking in an interview with New Era, Amushe explained that his  party intends to reduce the number of parliamentarians because a small population like Namibia doesn’t need a huge amount of self-entitled politicians.

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"We plan to do away with the Office of the Vice-President, as well the as the many useless deputy minister portfolios that we have," he said.

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He added that his party aims to invest heavily in the agriculture sector.

"We can no longer afford to rely on other countries to [feed us]. 28 years [after independence] we are still a net importer of electricity and this is the biggest reason why electricity prices will remain high for consumers," he noted.

According to research, the party has a number of intentions, to remove the current [ruling] party, restore the dignity and hope of the poor and the youth, through providing access to land, jobs, capital as well as quality free tertiary education and vocational training.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Amushe

Written by:
Rosalia David