Sally Boss Madam's Husband, Divorce And Child

Divorce works too

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Sally Ephraim Keya, aka Sally Boss Madam, is undoubtedly the boss of Namibia’s music. The award-winning musician has been in the music industry for barely a decade and in that short span of time, she has been able to create a spot for herself among the best of the best, which is a move that only bosses can pull off.

A couple of years ago, Sally Boss Madam announced her divorce from her husband of nine years, business partner and father of her son. The announcement caught fans by surprise as a few years before that, the pair had been named Favourite Celebrity Couple by Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion Awards.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and discuss who Sally Boss Madam’s husband was, what he does, their divorce, and their beautiful son. 

Who is Sally Boss Madam’s husband?

Sally Boss Madam with DJ Kboz, source: Instagram

Sally Boss Madam’s husband (now ex-husband) is Bosley Ambassadeur Keya, aka DJ Kboz. He is a renowned deejay, music producer, and businessman who although solely based in Namibia is originally from Kenya.

Details about where and when Sally Boss Madam and DJ Kboz have not been provided although sources claim that the two got married in 2010.

Besides being husband and wife, Sally Boss Madam and DJ Kboz worked together too. DJ Kboz was Sally Boss Madam’s producer and music manager.

The multi-talented DJ Kboz who works with diverse music genres to create a blend of remarkable beats has worked with some of the biggest artists in Namibia including Mushe, Top Cheri, Exit Rokaz, and King Tee Dee,  just to name a few.

Sally Boss Madam’s divorce

A screenshot of Sally Boss Madam's statement

After months of speculations that their marriage was headed for divorce, Sally Boss Madam took to social media towards the end of 2020, to announce her divorce from her husband of close to ten years.

In her official statement, Sally Boss Madam explained that they had tried to make their marriage work for months without success and that’s why they had decided to end things. Apparently, they had been separated for more than a year!

She however also revealed that they would continue being friends, business partners and co-parents to their son; and true to their words, we haven’t heard any drama from the two.

If there was an award for best divorces we think these two would win it, what do you think?

Sally Boss Madam’s child

Sally Boss Madam's ex-husband and son, source: Instagram

Even though things did not work out between Sally Boss Madam’s husband and herself, their marriage was blessed with a son called LJ.

Sally Boss Madam and DJ Kboz share custody of LJ and they all spend time together from time to time, like when Sally Boss Madam and LJ visited DJ Kboz at work.

Did Sally Boss Madam remarry?

Sally Boss Madam, source: Instagram

Just before confirming her divorce from DJ Kboz, Sally Boss Madam caught her fans by surprise when she posted pictures of herself in a wedding setup dressed up in a wedding gown, and with a bridal team and a dashing groom (Leather Mein) by her side.

It later emerged that the “wedding” had all been a set for the music video shoot for Sally Boss Madam’s song with Leather Mein called Bestie.

As of June 2022, reports indicate that Sally Boss Madam has not remarried and that she is also not seeing anybody.

Where is DJ Kboz?

Currently considered one of Namibia’s most eligible celebrity bachelors, DJ Kboz is busy at work, with a current focus on Amapiano and Afrobeats.

Like his ex-wife, DJ KBoz has also not hinted at getting back to the dating scene and if he is dating again then he has been very private about it.

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