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The Shiimis (Gazza and his wife Golden) are one of the best power couples in Namibia whose love and devotion to each other is a source of hope for young romantic hopefuls.

Gazza and Golden Shiimi have been together for more than ten years and together they are raising a family of three beautiful children.

In 2020, Gazza and Golden celebrated their tenth marriage anniversary and they shared pictures of their wedding that gave us chills and reminded us just how fast time flies.

Let’s take a few steps back in time and discuss all the details of Gazza’s wedding which was absolutely epic.

Who is Gazza’s wife?

Golden Shiimi, source: Facebook

Before we go into details about Gazza’s wedding, you might want to know first who Gazza’s wife is and what she does.

Gazza’s better half is a beautiful Namibian woman by the name of Golden Shingoli Shiimi. Besides being a mother and a wife, Golden is also a fashionista and a marketing graduate.

The couple who are known for keeping their private lives very discreet has not revealed how they met or how long they dated before getting married.

Where and when was Gazza’s wedding held?

Gazza and Golden in Paris, source: Twitter

Golden and Gazza exchanged their vows on the 1st of July 2010 in the most romantic city in the world Paris and at one of the most popular landmarks in the world- the Eiffel Towers.

At the time of their wedding, both Gazza and Golden Shiimi looked very young and much different from how they look today, especially Gazza.

Gazza and Golden wedding, source: Twitter

While Golden Shiimi was dressed in a knee-length white wedding gown and a stunning white headpiece to accessorize her hair, Gazza was in a white three-piece suit. We bet you had never seen Gazza in a white suit before. Gazza also rocked a clean-shaven head and face which is quite unlike Gazza’s current image that we are used to.

Gazza and Golden Shiimi wedding rings, source: Twitter

The couple also shared a picture of their customized wedding rings after the wedding and we think they were gorgeous.

It is not clear who attended their wedding since it was held away from home and if at all they had any reception party after the wedding.

Gazza’s wedding anniversary

A throwback photo of Gazza and Golden, source: Twitter

On 1st July 2020, both Gazza and Golden Shiimi took to social media to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary and shared a series of wedding photos.

On her Instagram, Golden posted: "On this day, 10 years ago on the Eiffel Tower" Gazza took to Twitter to post the same caption accompanied by a series of throwback photos. 

Despite the passing of time, it is refreshing to see that these two lovebirds are still keeping the sparks of their romance alive and we can’t wait to see them celebrate their fifteenth, twentieth and more wedding anniversaries together.

Gazza and Golden Shiimi’s children

The Shiimis have been blessed with three children. The first two children are boys, the youngest’s gender or face has not yet been revealed. 

Their oldest son AJ is currently 17 years old, their second born Louis is ten, and their youngest was born in 2021 and will be one year old this year.

Although both Gazza and Golden are very private people, the two often take to social media to celebrate each other and their children’s milestones like birthdays and anniversaries.

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