Meet Gazza's Wife, Golden Shiimi

He who finds a wife finds a good thing

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With a career spanning over 20 years, Lazarus Karandu Shiimi, aka Gazza is one of the most prolific musicians in Namibia whose consistency in the music industry is quite unmatched.

Aside from being a well-known musician, Gazza is also a family man and according to sources- he is a good family man who has been blessed with a beautiful wife and children.

Gazza and his wife make a beautiful couple and whenever we talk about Namibia’s power couples we just have to mention them. Today we take a look at Gazza’s wife and discuss everything there is to know about her.

Who is Gazza’s wife?

Gazza's wife Golden Shiimi, source: Instagram

Gazza is married to a beautiful Namibian babe whose smile is as bright as the Namibian sun. The name of the woman who stole and kept Gazza’s heart is Golden Shingoli Shiimi.

Like her name suggests, Golden is a precious gem to Gazza and her family. She is a beautiful petite woman with delicate features that stand out.

It is unclear how old Gazza’s wife is although she celebrates her birthday every year on 30th November.

What does Gazza’s wife do?

Golden Shiimi has her hands full. Not only is she a mum but she is also a fashionista whose remarkable sense of fashion has earned her lots of fans.

In 2021, Golden Shiimi who seems to be passionate about books achieved a new milestone when she graduated with her second degree in Marketing and Media: Sociology.

When did Gazza and his wife get married?

Gazza and Golden's wedding, source: Instagram

After dating for an undisclosed amount of time, Gazza and Golden exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony on the 1st of July 2010 at the Eiffel towers, Paris.

The couple celebrated their ten year anniversary in 2020 with Gazza sharing some throwback photos of their wedding day that left fans in stitches with some posting comments like “Gazza before he became Gazza.”

In the photos, Gazza had a small frame, a clean-shaven head, and no beards. He was also clad in a cream three-piece suit which is completely different from his current more casual look that we all identify with.

Golden on the hand was dressed in a beautiful knee-length strapless dress, proving that she has always had a sharp eye for fashion.

Gazza and Golden Shiimi’s children

Gazza's wife with their children, source: Instagram

Gazza and his wife have been blessed with three beautiful children. Their eldest son AJ recently turned 17 years old in March 2022, while their youngest child whose gender is yet to be revealed was born in 2021.

Does Gazza have a child out of wedlock?

A few weeks ago, a popular gossip site got people talking when they published a story hinting that Gazza had a secret child of wedlock.

The website did not reveal a lot of information about who the alleged illegitimate child and although the story got Namibians talking with some debating about whether or not Gazza had planted his seed elsewhere, neither he nor his wife has commented on the issue so until it’s confirmed it’s just hearsay.

Is Gazza and Golden Shiimi’s marriage in trouble?

A screenshot from Omajuices

Another hot gossip that flooded social media recently was that Gazza’s marriage of ten years was in trouble and the ridiculous reason was that a few hawked-eyes netizens had noticed that Gazza had stopped wearing his wedding ring.

Whoever had eyes on Gazza or Golden Shiimi will be disappointed to learn that the couple’s union is still intact and they should move on already. After a fan posed the wedding ring question to Gazza, the knees knees hitmaker responded that he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring to be cleaned and polished.

Do you have any further questions about Gazza’s wife? Let us know and we will respond as soon as we can.

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