Manxebe's Glow Up That Will Shock You

Fans could not even recognize him

By  | Jul 22, 2021, 09:40 AM 

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Manxebe is one of the country's fastest rising stars in the music industry. He has been in the game for several years now and has been climbing the ladder of success ever since.

Manxebe recently shared a cute throwback photo of himself when he was young and carefree and it melted many hearts. We love it when favorite our celebs share pictures of themselves before fame because they inspire many people of far they have come in life and how they were before they rose to superstardom.

They often say that no one is ugly but broke right? Some celebrities have been able to transform themselves after gaining fortune and fame. Hiring a glam squad or even going under the knife for plastic surgery or bleaching the skin are some of the options some people use to look good, and we're here the glow up!

Manxebe posed with his mom for the picture and left fans in awe with the picture because fans could barely even recognize him. Yaaaas, hounnnnnnnnnnnnnty, your glow up is amazing!

Manxebe has solidified himself as a household name with a legion of fans. He is one of the most talented Kwaito artists in the country. There is no doubt that every generation of a music genre has their own shining star, and for the Kwaito of Namibia, one artist has stood out from the rest. In addition to choreographing his dance moves, Manxebe has a knack for writing lyrics and punchlines that are out of the ordinary.

The multi-talented artist has it all, an attitude, he performs, he dances, he makes hits. He is a dancer turned musician who fits well with Namibia's culture entertainment industry. Kwaito has worn Namibians out, but Manxebe has reignited interest in the genre, which has led to more people seeking out his music.

He has established his reputation as one of the greatest Kwaito artists of this generation. Gusheshe was one of his first singles, and it received a lot of praise and love from music lovers and his fans

In other news, media personality Dillish Mathews also shared a cute throwback picture with her mother recently. She also demonstrated that you aren't ugly but broke. The resemblance between DIllish and her mother is one of our favorites.

Since she shot fame on Big Brother, Dillish has enjoyed a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. Currently, the undisputed star is reaping the benefits of her labor - not only is she an entertainer, but she's also an entrepreneur alongside her many celebrity counterparts.
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