Luis Munana Is Ready To Fetch His Summer Body

December delicacies are over and now it's back to reality

By  | Jan 13, 2021, 02:34 PM 

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Luis Munana is one of Namibia's most loved media personalities and fitness is a huge part of his life and career.

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The jack of all trades who also dabble in modeling has revealed that he is a little bit worried about his 2021 body, because his abs are vanishing.

December saw many people giving their diets a break but now it is time to get back into shape and it will be very hard. In a video he posted on his Instagram stories, the model revealed that he is ready to start working out to regain his summer body. He said in two weeks, he needs to get in shape.

Another celeb who expressed how unhappy she was to be going back to her old diet is Connie Ferguson. The SA media mogul posted a video on her Instagram stories where her husband Shona Ferguson, is seen opening their freshly made dinner packs prepared by InShape Nutrition and Accessories and Connie reveals that she had a mild panic attack when they delivered the meals

The video started off with Connie walking to the kitchen and Shona recording her. Shona is heard saying "Are you giving me an attitude, Why? You do not want me to record you? Connie responds by saying "yes." The actress then comes back to where they were seated whilst Shona is showing us their meals. Shona is heard saying "Come on mom Are you not okay? Connie states "I am not okay."

It seems Luis has a lot to achieve this year as he also recently revealed that he is currently building his own house. H said he cannot wait to finally move into his new place and probably get engaged to someone's child, yaas man!

"My father taught me not to have debt. I am aware of ‘good debt’, but when I say I’ve been saving for years to buy my plot & house. I mean just that ! 💰. I can’t wait to move out of my apartment and start a new life in my home. Hopefully, I also get engaged to someone’s child," he wrote.

Luis recently revealed that he is ready to put a ring on it. The talented creative practitioner, who is a jack of all trades in the media industry, took to Instagram to tell his legion of fans that, he feels that time is ticking and he needs to now do the right thing.

Although we are not sure if he has found a partner yet as his previous relationship with Wema Sepetu ended, but he said age 28 is proof that he must put a ring on it. Fans replied to his post and said it is about time.

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