Winning! KP Illest Is Smitten

He is proud of Maria

By  | Apr 07, 2021, 04:19 PM 

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Media personality Maria Nepembe has been making great strides in her career lately. Maria has been inking deal after deal as she continues to cement her place as one of the country's most influential social media influencers.

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Taking to Instagram to celebrate her achievements, like a true friend. KP Illest posted an Insta story with the caption "Proud of my best friend @marianepembe for all the strides she's making! Keep winning baby girl we behind you 100%"

Maria recently spilled the tea on whether she would smash KP Illest. This follows after she hosted a smash or pass game with Shaiyah for her Youtube channel.

Responding to the question she said " I think KP would probably be the only person I would smash in real life on this list, he's hot, he has a very good heart, he would make a great husband and father and he is the kind of dudes I'm into," she said.

KP Illest and Maria have been rumored to be an item ever since his music video ‘Jealosy’ with Maria Nepembe. The two have been spotted together a lot and rumors gained momentum that they are dating.

Recently Maria defended him against Top Cheri and posted on him on her Instagram for his birthday.  This follows after Top Cheri took a swipe at him on social media and Maria was quick to slam her. She did not mince her words and called her out but Top Cheri did not reply to some of her tweets.

Celebrating his birthday Maria posted a picture of the two of them together with the caption ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST FRIEND!!! For being the best to ever do it, I celebrate you today and every other day. Thank you for all you do and all that you are. We are blessed to have you. I LOVE YOU KAPAKA.’

Speaking to Confidente recently KP Illest said they not dating but they are friends, “She is my best friend. We are really just good friends. I don’t know too much about any rumour, I haven’t even heard anything yet, this is news to me.” he said.

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