Julio Cessar Challenges Status Quo With New Music

Heroes Day for Namibians means celebrating and commemorating the fallen heroes who worked tirelessly to bring about peace and hope for the country. For many hip hop artists, including upcoming artist Julio Cessar, this is also an opportunity for them to use their craft and be the voice of the suffering.

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He calls himself ‘The Kasi Poet’, and he released The Shanghai Street Freestyle on Heroes Day to spread a message and like a true artist he used music to do so. In the song he tackles issues that affect Namibians and their loved ones. The song, which is available on SoundCloud, aims to address the suffering of the Namibian people and reflect on the current state of today’s society. He dedicated the song to neglected children, victims of rape, single parents and drug addicts. Also to corrupt politicians who feed off from people’s sufferings.

In his post he seems to direct the song to the people of Khomasdal and Katutura as they can relate fully to the song and the deep underlying message that comes with it. They call it ‘conscious rapping’ where political and social injustice messages are spread through music to have a greater reach. 

Speaking to Unwrap.Online he says that because we are living in a society that fallen heroes have fought for, it’s only best to do something about it and continue the fight. Also people to reflect and think whether the hero’s legacies are done any justice. A song like this would normally need a very powerful music video that translate the lyrics into a moving and thought-provoking visual, and the lyricist is currently working on that depending on the reception of the song and if he secures enough funding and resources.

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