Gazza Celebrates Major Milestone

He is unstoppable

By  | Jun 11, 2021, 02:56 PM 

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Multi-award-winning musician Gazza continues to reign supreme in his career. The musician has been raising the bar high in the local music scene and he is stopping at nothing to make great strides.

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Gazza has achieved another exciting milestone in his career as his music video Brandewyn has reached a whopping 1 million views on YouTube proving that it is a hit.

Gazza has seen massive success in his music videos as they break records on YouTube and he has also won numerous awards. In 2020 he closed off the year on a good note after winning the Artist of the Decade award at the Namibian Annual Music Awards in 2020, winning the most NAMA awards.

Taking to his social media account he thanked his supporters and announced that his upcoming album Road To Messiah is dropping soon.
Gazza recently voiced out his concerns to Namibian promoters who used to want to use Covid-19 prices when they book artists to perform at their events. The musician took to his social media account to slam them.

"These Namibian promoters don’t rate us, they must take us seriously and respect our craft and the hard work we put in, they pay SA artist in full and for us kama let’s negotiate a COVID price, no boss, pass me with that BS," he tweeted.

Gazza said his recent performance at the Garden Inn was the last time he experienced this saying he was fed up with being exploited. "I swear garden inn was the last, nandise ashike ondjala to pave the way for our industry, with sacrifice comes great reward, the youngins must also learn never to compromise on their brand values only way we will be respected and our work valued."
In an interview with The Namibian Creative director Julia Kadhikwa, lashed out at artists and said they never complain when they are paid like up-and-coming artists when they get booking in small towns.

“They are the same artists who go to small towns like Rundu, Oshakati, Lüderitz and perform next to those small-town artists and don't complain when they are paid more on that poster.

“You must also say, these people must be paid the same as me, I am not going to perform because these promoters are exploiting the upcoming artists,”
said Julia.

Image Cred: ANMG

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