Nam Socialite Dragged

Kapenda Accused Of Rape

By  | May 20, 2020, 02:04 PM  | Drama

Socialite and Model Wellem Kapenda is currently being accused of raping another male in 2017 in Windhoek.

Early this year, more and more people including public figures have been the subject of sexual harassment, assault or other misconduct allegations, more survivors are coming forward nearly every day, many of them inspired and emboldened by those who have gone before.

As the list continues to be updated with a running list of influential people from a variety of industries who have faced new public accusations of sexual misconduct, whoever thought that Namibia's own sweetheart Kapenda would get himself involved in something like that.

It turned out that Kapenda and his boyfriend allegedly had a long-desired fantasy to have a threesome with the victim.

The victim wrote that he was drugged before Kapenda and his partner could take advantage of him.

This news left many people questioning the socialite's sexuality while finding it hard to believe as he is described as reserved and known for his sweet personality.

According to the message, Kapenda and his boyfriend met the guy at one of Windhoek's popular club Monaco and offered him several drinks but could not remember what happened thereafter.
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Through his message he said, he could only remember waking up to a sore anus.

When Nalebrity contacted Willem for a comment, he fumed with anger and told the journalist to never call him ever again before hanging up.

"Wherever you got my number from, please make sure to never call me ever again," he said.

Kapenda is a graduate from Namibia University of Science and Technology recently published his website, located at, and he is also the face of the Grove Mall of Namibia, Namibia’s largest shopping mall.

Early this year, the socialite teamed up with a local cosmetics company, Chrisla Essentials to make and launch a beard smear comprising of 100 percent essential oils and carrier oil.

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