Lioness Drags Influencer For Filth

It got heated on Instagram

By  | Aug 07, 2022, 06:39 PM  | Lioness   | Drama

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Lioness caught some heat from Rauna Dumeni when she slammed the Namibian music scene for having a Hip Hop concert, with no female rapper in the lineup. This is after Nasty C canceled his performance in Nam which was supposed to take place this past weekend.

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Nasty C told his fans to demand refunds because he too was disappointed that the gig did not fall through. The South African rapper did not specify why he could not pitch but even though fans were disappointed, Lioness expressed her approval f this decision because there was a lack of female Hip Hop performers for the night.

Lioness commented on Nasty C's post saying, "I mean a show without one female act surely cannot work."

This comment rubbed Rauna the wrong despite other people agreeing with her.

"Not the comment you want to make public as a public figure and Namibian rapper. If I were you I would delete. Also if you wanted to be on the line up you could have just called KP Illest straight. Why do you people celebrate other people's falls man. Do better."

But Lioness did not back down and so she clapped back by saying, "Firstly I am always going to advocate for women. Your lil jabs at a greater cause is what's messy."

She then got heated on by Lioness's fans but she said she is their Queen, not hers.

Here's what other people think about this decision to exclude female rappers from the scene.

@lee_neshila2.0: "Mara I think there should be a reason why she wasn’t invited to the show, have you guys thought about that??…. Only Lioness and the organizer know why. With all due respect I know she’s the best at what she does but that doesn’t mean she’s entitled to the show. And stop this entitlement sh*t."

@tshiningeni: "Was it a national event or a private business thing? How does one feel entitled to be on someone's event lineup? Ugh, aantu ihaalengwa kaa. So I make my event to make my profits and some Seelima feel she is supposed to be part of it too? Omalundu omatingapi ngaa?"

@iam_willem_mbi: "Just because she's the Queen of Hip hop to you doesn't mean she's a queen of Hip hop to everyone, just saying." 

@clau.dia2068: "Lioness is right, doesn’t if she is the queen or not."

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