King Tee Dee Shocked By Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz visuals and new song without King Tee Dee

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Yesterday Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz released a video of hit song One I Love, a song which the original version features Namibian award-winning artist King Tee Dee. Diamond changed the title to the song from One I Love to The One and replaced King Tee Dee's verse with another one by him in Kiswahili. The only thing left of Namibia or King Tee Dee is the line ondi kuhole which is in the initial song.

According to Diamond Platnumz management, there is nothing wrong with what they did as the contract that both artists signed allows for anyone of them to remake the song if they will.

"King Tee Dee can make his own version and so can Diamond Platnumz. If any artist wants to remake the song, they can be provided they contact Lizer Classic the beat producer," they said.

Perhaps the release of the song caught King Tee Dee off guard as he took to Twitter and expressed how shocked by the developments. He did however confirm that he signed a contract with Diamond Platnumz but did not get in details.

The initial song was released on Valentine's Day this year on various online platforms where it topped on iTunes for weeks as number 1. The relationship with King Tee Dee and Diamondz sparked when the Tanzanian singer performed as one of the headliners at King Tee Dee's last concert as where he changed his name from The Dogg. 

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Some Namibians on Twitter are however unhappy with this arrangement and feel that King Tee Dee was cheated and that he should have been included in the visuals or at least his verse should have remained. Suggestions for King Tee Dee to release his own music video have been made, we hope he considers them.

Other's feel that the song is better without King Tee Dee and Diamond Platnumz did Justice to the song by removing him.

King Tee Dee has said about the whole situation since it came to light except for one comment he made where he said he is as shocked as his fans.
" I am cool but disappointing. I am just as shocked as you are," he said.

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Asked if he will shoot a video for their version, King Tee Dee says he will decide if it is worth it before making up his mind," he said.

Diamond Platnumz urges KIng Tee Dee's fans to enjoy both songs regardless of who is on which song.

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