NamTwitter Wants Kaboy To Perform At NAMAs

Up and coming talent gets Twitter crazy

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Kaboy Kamakili  | Drama

It all started with a few of his clips where he is effortlessly spitting bars making rounds on social media. The next thing that happened was a campaign to have him perform at the recently ended sixth edition of Kasi Vibe Festival and it happened.

The northern-based sensation and artist has instantly become a favorite among Namibian music lovers both in and out of the country commenting on his ability to mash his words together. The singer has also been compared to renowned lyricists Qondja AKA Samuele Ngodi, Exit, and Young T.

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Since his performance this weekend at Sam Nujoma Stadium, more videos have been published and this time, the tweeps want the NAMAs organizers NBC and MTC to have the starlet perform at the biggest stage in the country this year. This is so intense that Tweeps say should the organizers must cancel the whole event should  Ohatufutu singer not grace their stage.

Although there are the negative Nancy's in the crowd saying Kaboy is not as talented as he is being hyped for, majority of the tweeps beg to differ and say there are such perceptions because social media is usually used for criticizing instead of building people up.

Kaboy is, however, loving all the appreciation and is constantly showing gratitude to his fans.

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Main image credit: Twitter/Kaboy Kamakili