Jossy Joss Is Facing Payment Woes After Resigning From Eagle FM

The station owner has not paid him his February salary.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:32 PM  | Joseph "Jossy Joss" Ailonga  | Drama

Namibian songwriter and DJ Joseph Ailonga, who is affectionately known as Jossy Joss, has tendered his resignation on Eagle FM after several years on the station.

The former Eagle Fm station manager, let the cat out of the bag that after resigning from the station he encountered some payment problems from the station's owner.

He said, the owner of the station, John Walenga, made this matter personal and is unlawfully holding onto his February salary as well as his leave payout, which under the law is guaranteed to every employee who resigns.

Jossy took to Facebook to set the record straight about how he feels. In a long statement, he said it would be unfair for me not to speak about this injustice, after having been in the media space for an impressive 25 years.

John has not responded to the allegations levelled against him.

Main Image Credit: The Namibian