Jessica Celebrates Being Educated

The celebratory messages came flooding in

By  | Jan 24, 2023, 08:40 PM  | Drama

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Entrepreneur and now television production graduate, Jessica Roy-Fawl, AKA Cassie Jessica, received numerous congratulatory messages from her followers following her massive achievement. She shared images from her graduation where she became a qualified Female Cinematographer and Producer.

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Taking to Instagram, Cassie shared images from her photoshoot she had in celebration of her completing school.

“Educate a Women and You Educate a Nation,” she said starting her post with a quote. 

"4 Years • Diploma in Television Production ! 🥹 “ I Failed my second year and repeated “ and I can finally say WHAT’s NEXT! It was not easy but a lot of opportunities and experience came my way! Congratulations to my Class of 2021 We weren’t even sure we where going to graduate But we where with Jesus we fought !" she revealed.

"A whole Female Cinematographer  Producer Just wow ! Thank you Lord, Thank you God - Thank you Mom Thank you Jessica. My message to you: Do what makes you Happy and Never Give up … Keep going and master the Arts as you become whole. Go to school Kids and Adults. I usually don’t do makeup but I trust @albertina_shilelo Thank you Nkero," she shared.

Jessica said the photographer she hired did not deliver until after 4 months, and so she would not recommend him.

"The photographer that took these amazing beautiful pictures took 4 Months until I could get my pictures so I’m not going to recommend or tag him at all! Never again."

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Another celeb to have not had it easy when it came to studies is Nelaolange. Nela had it rough during her studies so when she made it, the pain of not having your parents witness your achievements saddened her. 

"Despite the humiliation, I faced at the hands of gossip and teasing by a judgemental society, I was able to sit through my grade 12 exams and was very successful in passing."

"I look back on all the challenges I've faced including an unsupportive family at the time, being looked down on, seeing my class peers progress, while I stayed behind to mother my child. Though my dreams seemed to be on hold, they were never completely washed away. I took accountability, worked hard at securing a job that I made sure paved for me a career and the opportunity to further my studies."

"To my mom & dad who has left us last year... I've worked super hard the past 3 years to bring you this accomplishment. It saddens me that you are no longer here through your standing ovation is heartfelt. This one is for Meme Ndahafa, Kuku Helena & Tate Zee!!!"

"As the old adage goes: “The race is not for the swift, but for those who endure to the end”. While time waits for no man, it also never runs out and many, myself included can testify. May I remind & encourage all teenage mothers, single mothers or fathers, individuals in disadvantaged circumstances who are currently feeling the pressures of life's hurdles, that those are merely temporary detours. There isn't one thing you can't do and there isn't one person who can stop you. P E R S E V E R E."

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