Influencer Talah Da Costa Exposed

"You've been stealing from my peers for 5 years"

By  | Nov 28, 2022, 01:56 PM  | Drama

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An event organiser is accusing Talah of stealing from university students in a social media rant. 
Chilli Bite has come out guns blazing at Influencer Talah who has been accused before of being a thief. Talah is a model, Influencer and businessman who has a bad reputation when it comes to such issues. 
Chilli Bite took to Instagram to vent out her frustration about the Influencer and even called him a moffie. 
"You've been stealing from my peers for 5 years I heard of your trade of theft 2  years ago and blocked you as soon as I saw video of kids from NUST begging you to give their money back. 
"Who the fu*k did you block?" she asked then proceeded to call him a coward. 
"I don't have a grudge against you. Be a peace of sh*t but don't affect others while you're at it. 'I rose from nowhere' through stealing from people that already don't have!" she exclaimed. 
The screenshot were shared by popular Instagram gossip page, Oma Juices. 
"Event's host Chilli Bite posts a screenshot that shows she's the one who in fact blocked Talah, furthermore she goes on a rant on how he's been stealing from varsity students and takes no accountability for his actions ....wheew chile," reported a popular Instagram blog Oma Juices.

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Talah has been very quiet on Instagram about this and just continues to promote his businesses. He has been big on sharing motivational posts as well. 

He recently trended when posted semi nude pictures on Instagram with people spewing their homophobia all over. 

He later shared a post and captioned it, "Stand tall,stand proud. Know that you are unique and magnificent. You do not need the approval of others" 

He was nominated for the Scream Mag African women’s awards 2022, under the category for male personality of the year. He is a recognizable game changer in the media industry and his talents do not go unnoticed. 

"I’ve been nominated once again for the @screammag African women’s awards 22 under the category for male personality of the year (Women’s choice)."

He then revealed that he was the only Namibian male personality nominated for this award. 

"I am the only Namibian male personality nominated voting lines are currently open and each vote cost N$5.00 each I’ll be happy if u can help me with any amount u can to help me vote voting is done on website which will require u to put your card details but to make it easier for you if u want to vote u can pay to cell any amount of your choice on my Phone number 0811590538 you can send me ur proof of payments on the same number on my WhatsApp I’ll send u screenshots of the votes for u to see if I really voted voting lines closes on the 12 November please help me win this it will really mean a lot," he pleaded. 

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