Have Gazza And Golden Called It Quits?

Golden has even changed her surname and removed her ring!

By  | Aug 02, 2022, 07:13 PM  | Gazza  | Drama

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Fans have noticed it for some time but now it seems as though it might be true. Rumour has it that rapper Gazza and his beautiful wife Golden Shiimi are estranged as they have been living in separate houses. It is alleged that they are headed for divorce!

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The former power couple who has been together for over a decade and also expanded their family with the birth of their new baby, are allegedly calling it quits.

Popular Namibian gossip page Nam Hot Tea spilled the tea saying a close source confirmed it.

"Golden and Gazza have called it quits, they have been separated for a while!!*ALLEGEDLY*. A close source to the couple confirmed to nam hot tea that Gazza and Golden have separated and are currently living separately!! Divorce is imminent at the moment as they tried couple counseling but could not resolve their marital issues!! Hope they resolve their issues and work on their marriage!!"

One of the biggest giveaways is the fact that Golden has been seen on many occasions without her wedding ring. Another giveaway is that she has gone back to her maiden name Golden Shingoli on Instagram.

A few months back, Omajuices gossip page sparked a debate on what exactly happened because fans noticed that neither Gazza nor Golden wears their wedding rings anymore. 

A fan even asked Gazza but he said that he was getting it cleaned or polished.

If the rumours are true, fans will be crushed however if it is all just a rumour, then they are not new to this.

In a previous interview with The Namibian, Gazza admitted that he rarely spends time with his family as his career can get demanding. 

“Each time, I promise to spend time with them when the album is done, but then things change. It gets very busy. I have to travel and network. I try to be with them on Christmas day, but then we are already booked. January is normally when there is time to be with my family.”

Reacting to this, their fans said their close friends are not to be trusted because they revealed this before the couple could even announce it, should it be true. 

@lady_blue0205: "May the good Lord see them through. The same God that put them together, may he put them back together again."

@esmiejoseph96: "Your enemies are your closes people in your live...Why would one go and say out this thing, it's their marriage and you really didn't have to say people's things out just like that, people will enjoy your downfall in this world."

@nallllzzzz2022: "Nooo plsss I don't like this news."

Qbrilliantlymindset alleged, "Yeah GAZZA has been cheating too much and GAZZA doesn't want to stop. Now GAZZA has impregnated a side chick.. believe me no lady will want to remain in that marriage."

[email protected]_w23456789: "It's normal if it's not working moved out, you are not a brick. Self-care is important." 

@misha_: "Seriously I started suspecting long ago when the lady changed her name, removed Shiimi."

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