Exit Outraged After Major Setback

He is going down!

By  | Oct 28, 2021, 01:07 PM  | David "Exit" Shikalepo  | Drama

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Exit Rockaz whose real name is David Shikalepo, is filled with anger after he hit a major setback following the release of his song video called ‘lishuna’. Exit, who was excited after he released this hit song, wondered why an unidentified person running the YouTube channel Nam Tunes Official could not keep away from his business. According to Exit, this person has re-uploaded several of his YouTube videos to his own channel as if the songs were his own.

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Exit expressed anger as he could not understand the kind of audacity the person had and the reasons behind him re-uploading his music videos. He added that the person was only uploading his YouTube videos and not any other Namibian artist’s music, making him wonder if he was the only Namibian making hits.

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In an angry post on Instagram, Exit asked his fans to tell the person running Nam Tunes Official to delete at least his latest music video, ‘lishuna’, if he does not want to delete the others.

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One of the Exit’s fans responded to this rant and asked the artist to ensure that everytime he uploads a new video, he should put it on a no download setting to prevent people from downloading them. However, Exit expressed his dissatisfaction with this proposed solution. He responded that his music videos have settings that allow people such as scholars and students to download because they cannot afford to watch it all the time. Exit also said the download option is available in his videos as the choice is inevitable for him because it is highly relevant for marketing.

Other fans of Exit sympathized with the musician noting that when Nam Tunes Official re-uploads Exits videos, he loses financially. One fan noted that the person running Nam Tunes Official is ruining business without knowing that there is no shortcut to success.

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Fans also added that creating music is expensive, and most musicians spend time in the studio not because it is fun, but they are trying to earn a living.  Exit agreed with these comments and accused Nam Tunes Official of taking advantage of his fan base that has always been loyal to him.
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Exit’s new song video ‘lishuna’ is part of the musician’s album called Forever that he released back in December 2020. The song has been a hit as it is romance-themed, showing featuring Exit, a heartbroken man seeking the love of his lover, an unfaithful woman. Exits fans responded well to the video as one fan said that women should also look after their men because all genders go through pain and tears for a better day and living. Exit’s song already has 11k views on YouTube.

Exit has numerous fans, but he has also faced backlash from his critics, who feel he is not a good enough rapper or singer. Exit feel like the person behind Nam Tunes Official channel is part of his critics as he noted in his Instagram post that this person does not even have the decency to let his video stay in its rightful place for a day. Some of Exit’s critics have also said the musician only knows how to rhyme two words, which makes him think that he can be a rapper.

Despite the critics and setbacks, Exit is keen on making himself the GOAT of the Kwaito Music Industry as he recently shared on Twitter that when people get jealous of you, it means you are on the right track.

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