Amushelelo Weighs In On DJ Sumbody's Death

He wishes his bodyguard who died a long with him to get the same spotlight

By  | Nov 28, 2022, 12:45 PM  | Drama

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Michael Amushelelo has weighed in on the death of prominent South African DJ and businessman, DJ Sumbody, real name, Oupa John Sefoka. Instead of sending condolences to his family, he decided to shine the light on his bodyguard because he did not get the media attention as Sumbody. 

DJ Sumbody died in a hail of bullets in Woodmead, Gauteng, South Africa on his way to a gig. It is reported that the incident took place on Sunday morning November 20 just after midnight. He and his driver, Sbu, both died on the scene. Sumbody was laid to rest on September 26 but no word was said about the person who died with him. 
In fact no information has been released about Sbu and when or where he was laid to rest. 

Amushelelo finds his heartbreaking and so he shone the light on the late bodyguard. He said Sbu is a nobody because there has not been any media coverage for him. 

"This is DJ Sumbody, he was shot dead last week with his bodyguard. His bodyguard was clearly a nobody that’s why no media attention was given to him, most of us don’t know his name, we don’t know who’s family is, we have no idea if he left behind any children or spouse.

"It’s a damn shame that in life we don’t value the lives of others and we discard them like they lives don’t matter. Today I wanna shine light on the bodyguard who’s name is Sbu and I would like to send condolences to his family, relatives, friends and associates your live also matters my brother. All live is important and for as long as we don’t realize that, our humanity is dead," he concluded. 

South African politician Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters delivered a speech at his funeral. "People from Pretoria don’t respect a black life. To them, a black life does not matter," he said. He added, "If DJ Sumbody was owing someone money and that person killed him because of it, that fool must know that they won’t get the money anymore."

At his funeral, his friends refuted claims that Sumbody was a gangster and revealed that he had faced near death experiences three times. “I dismissed it as paranoia. I wish I hadn’t because maybe he was going to pay a bit of attention to his security detail. The thing is with me is I always thought why would somebody want to harm somebody so harmless. I mean the guy wouldn’t even hurt a fly. But the way they brutally took him out, the way they brutally shot him, it’s as if he was some kind of gangster. That’s why there's conspiracy theories that are suggesting he was a gangster or drug dealer. I’m so sorry guys, the guy was none of that. He was just so good at what he does, so good that I don’t know. Maybe that created enemies for him.”

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