Chelsi Pens Heartfelt Letter To A Namibian Child

She nearly left us reaching for the tissues

By  | Jul 22, 2021, 01:45 PM 

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Chelsi Shikongo knew she was destined for greatness the moment she was crowned Miss Namibia 2021. She recently visited a school in Namibia where she left the pupils feeling ecstatic and empowered. The beauty queen has become a beacon of hope to many young people who look up to her.

A video that she shared on her Instagram page from the school, melted the hearts of so many people and it shows the overwhelming love she received from the kids. While saying goodbye to them, the pupils screamed for her. 

Chelsi's lovable nature is contagious, which is why the children couldn't get over her and went crazy after catching a glimpse of her. Her authenticity and down-to-earth qualities have stolen the hearts of many people.

Taking to her Instagram stories she penned a heartfelt letter to a Namibian child. In the letter, she encourages young people not to give up on their dreams.

"Dear Namibian Child. YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID! I want you to know that you are resilient and you make us the Namibia we are today, I will always have your back because you matter, do not give up on your hopes and goals as this is only temporary, we can do this together.

This is truly a difficult time for Namibian pupils, we will curb the COVID-19 virus if we work together and get teachers vaccinated and students who can get vaccinated in order to help the frontline workers as well to help those who are in dire need." she said.
Chelsi has been visiting several schools lately and sharing her pearls of wisdom with children and we love to see it.

Chelsi visited Van Rhyn Primary School recently to speak to grade 6 and 7 pupils about body neutrality and to raise awareness of the different types of foods they eat.

"We live in a society that suffers in silence because I did it too. We should strive to learn more to always be informed about our nutrition and health
Imagine actually learning about the allergies you can have or get from food or that menstruation is normal Having a life coach in government schools because we all don't come from homes with good principles and moral cultural backgrounds Creating an inclusive environment in society is my mission."

Cleary Chelso is a queen with many talents and we love that. She recently shared a behind-the-scenes clip from a short film she was working on and we can't wait to see how she does in it.

"One thing I appreciate about this pandemic is that it gave me the opportunity to work with Namibian creatives, it gave me the opportunity to work on my craft and it gave me the opportunity to really believe in myself and my brand

NamibianGirlHumor and all that came from determination and hard work. If being a creative is truly who you are THIS IS A SIGN TO PUT YOUR WORK OUT THERE! I am looking forward to creating more spaces and opportunities with the platform I have for creatives, and I’m so grateful to those that created a space for me."

She said the scene was her favorite in the film, and she is eager to learn more about the acting business.

"My favorite scene actually I’m looking forward to working behind and in front of the camera very soon since I’m already in the industry I’ll keep practicing believing in myself and putting in the work."

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