Big Ben Urges Radio Stations To Play Local Music During This Tough Time

This follows after the current lockdown has resulted to events and artist's appearances to be put on hold.

By  | Apr 08, 2020, 04:00 PM

Namibian musician Big Ben has urged radio stations, to play more local music in a bid to support local artists. This follows after events have been put on hold to flatten the pandemic of coronavirus.

The Government recently implemented a lockdown which has affected a lot of artists as the gates of their income streams have been closed.

This is not the first country to be affected by this, in SA there is a current nationwide lockdown and the Department of Arts and Culture recently allocated 150 million to provide relief to the creative industry.

But in Namibia things are taking a toll for artists. Big Ben said artist can benefit a lot from the royalties and feed their families. The musician shared a post on Instagram.
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Music Namibia responded and said, "Well spoke."

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Main image credit: Twitter