Betty Davids Wins Court Case Against Imms

This follows after he called her a prostitute

By  | Sep 14, 2021, 11:42 PM 

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Social media star Beata Sekerete known as Betty Davids has won a lawsuit she filed against Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) spokesman Imms Nashinge. According to UnWrap, he must pay N$60, 000 as damages to Betty after he insulted her.

This year, Imms trended on social media after he called Betty a prostitute. Betty opted to take the legal route in a bid to teach him a lesson. When Imms insulted Betty on a WhatsApp group called ED Global Africa Unite, he accused her of sleeping with older people, and he will now have to pay the money in monthly installments of N$2 000.

“You see the type of shit I talk about? Who is Betty Davids? A kid that is known for sleeping around with older men like Paul Shipoke, is the toe of people our government promotes. Next is Kaxuxwena. Normal people do not matter in this country. This is an indication that the useless investment nonsense in the presidency will be a serious flow. That Nangula woman"
he said.

Betty attempted to sue him for $400 000 at first, but he has agreed to accept a new amount of N$60.000. In early this year, he appeared in court on a charge of crime injuria filed by socialite Beata Siteketa, aka Betty Davids. The socialite filed a case of crime injuria against Imms, and the state claimed that Imms tarnished Betty's reputation. He accused Betty of being a prostitute and for sleeping with older men after he accused her of being a prostitute.

The news that Betty was suing him sparked replies on Twitter.

@leevi_immanuel tweeted, "Betty Davids doesn't want nonsense. We should really learn to stay out of people's lives. It's just a matter of time before we witness someone being sued here for insulting people with their parents and cyberbullying."

@ShadowsOfWolf_ tweeted, "Imms insinuating that Betty is unqualified is actually funny because she’s at least five times more academically qualified than him. I hope she teaches this misogynist who resorts to calling women “prostitutes” in an attempt to shame & degrade them, a lesson he’ll never forget."

Besides the drama, Betty has been hard at work at motherhood. Her highly anticipated wedding has been on everyone's lips since it was revealed that she will walk down the aisle with his fiance Shapwa. Invitations cards and the wedding date were set a long time ago but the lockdown restrictions seemingly limit them from pulling off a spectacular wedding, one for the books.

"Regretfully and due to Covid restrictions that only permit 100 people per gathering, our wedding has been postponed," they shared. The lovebirds went on to release new dates of their wedding, and the wedding is set to take place on 06- 07 August 2021 but it has been postponed again.

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