A Changed Lady May

She does TV and Gospel music now

By  | Oct 30, 2020, 12:26 PM 

Lady May is one of the most iconic and most recognisable artists in Namibia. She is considered by many to be the Namibian version of legends like Brenda Fassie and Lady Gaga. She is well known for her amazing dance moves and colourful and unique style.

Lady May has been in the industry for years and is a fierce and powerful force in the Namibian music. She has given Namibians hit songs such as Zoom featuring Bertholdt and Bublegum. She is a pop star in Namibian terms and her confidence is immediately noticeable in any room she walks into.

She made a huge mistake when she swore at the nation in what seemed to be an innocent moment. People still remember her yelling ''Goodnight motherfuckers" at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA) in 2011. This moment made her get blacklisted in the music business in Namibia and she was banned from the NAMAs and was recently welcomed back on the awards show.

However, Lady May rose through the negativity and is one of the most resilient artists in the country. She reformed her look, feel and became a gospel artist. She is still the same Lady May, just a bit more reserved and without the diva character she is known for. Her 2020 single, Lamb of God was well received by audiences who feel she has grown and is much more mature.

Lady May even has a record label called Crystal Lady May Records. She is now a presenter for Namibia's music talent show called The Search which airs on NBC 1 in Namibia.

If you ask us, Lady May is doing very well for herself.

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