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Cupid should visit these celebrities

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We sometimes wish that certain celebrities could end up together because they can make a lovely couple. Perhaps it's because we've seen them in music videos together or because they've been playing a couple in shows.

That, however, has not been the case. If only wishes were horses we would ride them. Here are some celebrities we think would look good together.

Genevieve and Ramsey Noah

They've been in the Nollywood film industry for a while. They could even be considered the forefathers of Nollywood films. 

They are both talented and seasoned actors who have starred in movies together as a couple. Genevieve and Ramsey executed their characters so well, they had their fans thinking they were real-life couples.

Some of the movies they have featured in include Power Of Love, Rip Off, Break Up, and  Honey Love. Those are just a few of the movies they have been cast in together. 

In real life, they are not a couple. Ramsey is married to his beautiful wife Emelia Philips-Nouah and are both blessed with three lovely children. The veteran actor is also a director in the film industry. Some of his work includes Living in bondage that took Nigeria by storm and was loved by many.

Genevieve on the other hand is not married and is waiting for the right man to come along. She has been blessed with a daughter who looks like her twin. The talented actress is still very active in the entertainment industry.

She directed the movie Lionheart, which saw her get nominated for an Oscar award, for best international film. Unfortunately, it was disqualified for an Oscar because it was played in English. This really broke the hearts of many in the country. 

We still think they would have made a bomb couple. Kudos to them for finding happiness.

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Flavour and Chidinma

It all began with a music collaboration, in which Chidinma featured Flavour on a song and Flavour featured her back. Iyawo Mi and Ololufe are the songs. They appeared to be really cozy with each other in the music videos. 

Soon after releasing the two hit songs, they would be seen attending events and performing together. Fans immediately assumed they were dating because they had even shared a kiss in the music video Ololufe. The song has 46million views on YouTube in six years. 

In 2020, secular musician Chidinma turned gospel artist and talented crooner, Flavour, famously known for his hit song, Nwa Baby, released a joint EP, "40 Yearsโ€.

They included the song "40 Years" as one of the tracks. Flavour and Chidinma did a traditional wedding in the song's music video, which trended on the internet that they did a wedding in real life. 

The truth is, they are really close friends and have never been in a relationship. It was disappointing because it was all in our heads that they were in love. 

We still believe they would make a good couple given their good looks. Should they give it a try considering they are both still single?

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Regina Daniels and Somadinna

The all-grown-up Nollywood actors began acting in films when they were still kids. Regina is known for her role in the movie Miracle child and Marriage of Sorrow. Somadinna is also known for featuring in various movies namely, Ordinary Fellows, Breath of Anger, and Forest of Promises.

They literally grew up as we watched them on our screens. Fans noticed how cute they look together as a couple after they grew up and began acting in love roles. They are both featured in the movie The Engagement party.

Regina and Somadinna started sharing photos of one another on IG. It did not take long for fans to sense their chemistry and start speculating they are dating.

However, Regina Daniels came out to debunk the rumors by stating that they were simply best friends. She is now married to billionaire and politician, Ned Nwoko and together they have an adorable son.

Though their marriage receives a lot of hate online because of their age difference they are still going strong. Nigerians refer to Ned Nwoko as her ancestor. 

Somadinna is not dating anyone at the moment. They could have made a beautiful couple and dominated the entertainment industry. 

Wizkid and Tiwa Savage

If these two musical geniuses ever dated, they would be the Beyonce and the Jayz of Nigeria. Their fans were happy to see them together and would camp on their social media pages to keep in the loop.

Wizikid, who is also the owner of StarBoy record label, is ranked one of the best musicians in the country. Some of his hit songs include Joro, Essence, Ginger, Daddy Yo, and Sweet Love.

Tiwa Savage on the other hand is our melanin Afrobeats queen who has over 55 million views on her song All over among many others. She has also been signed by Mavin record label owned by the best music producer in the Country, Don Jazzy.

They both have a song together, titled Fever. It has garnered 88million views on YouTube. It Was from this video that fans speculated the two were dating. The music video was very sultry and they appeared to be comfortable touching each other suggestively. 

However, not all their fans were in support of their โ€˜relationshipโ€™ because of their age gap. Tiwa is 42 while Wizkid is 32 years. 

The two were never in a relationship but close friends who worked well together. 

We are all familiar with the saying, age is nothing but a number. The duo would have rocked the industry.

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Ken Erics And Rachael Okonkwo

These two are well-known for their love roles in Nigerian films. Ken and Rachel have starred in I Love My Wife and Crazy Couple together.

Aside from movies, they show so much love for one another that their supporters thought they would end up as an item.

However, all did not end as expected, after Ken Erics broke the hearts of his fans when he married his wife, Onyi Adaba in 2017. Their marriage was met with a lot of controversies that led to the pair separating in 2019.

Onyi alleged that Ken was gay because he had not been intimate with her before and after their marriage. 

Fans were not too pleased with their breakup news and decided to accuse Rachel of having an affair with Ken. Rachel did not take the allegations lightly and refuted the rumors. She also made it clear that she never had anything romantic with him.

Rachel and Eric are still good friends and have maintained their relationship status. Ken has kept his love life a secret while Rachel is still single. Maybe it is time they give it a shot and see how things go.   
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