Can We Compete With Davido’s Wealth?

Money is not a problem for him

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By now we all know that Davido has money. He is one of Nigeria's most successful musicians, and he is well-known both locally and internationally. Honestly, he is a household name. The Fall hitmaker may be a billionaire's son, but he has worked hard to get to where he is now.

He has collaborated with international artists such as Chris Brown, Summer Walker, Popcaan, and Meek Mill, to name a few. Davido has a large fan base who support his music. He has over 22 million Instagram followers and charges around $200,000 to perform a gig outside the country. We're sure he has a lot of disposable income with all that money in his pocket.

Check out times when Davido made us wish we had his money: 

Diamond Sanitizer

Remember when Corona hit and disorganized our lives? Well, Davido was living big when we were all broke wondering when Covid-19 would leave.

The superstar who has over 142 million views on YouTube on his hit song If bought a diamond hand sanitizer. Yes, just to sanitize his hands. This sounds crazy but he's got money, what else should he do with it other than spend.

The sanitizer was worth N38 million, paid for with stacks of cash from famous Miami Jeweller Johnny Dang. We now understand what it looks like to have money. Lanes my people!

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Diamond Lighter

We have another diamond purchase on the list and this time it's not something big, just a simple lighter. One that you can get at any shopping store at no more than N200. 

However, remember we are talking about megastar Davido here, who is known to live a flamboyant life. He purchased a diamond lighter worth $5000 which translates to N2million at Icebox, in the United States. Sounds crazy but he paid for it.

The lighter is disposable and once you are done with it, you have to go back to the store and purchase another diamond lighter at $5000. Of cos Davido went to his social media to show off his new expensive lighter and yes, it was stunning. 

Davido appears to consider $5000 as pocket change.

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Night Club Partying

The first thing people do before they go out is budget. This is to make sure they do not overspend. For Davido we think it's a little different because the kind of receipts he posts online after going out, seems unreal.

Davido who has over 2million subscribers on YouTube spent 5000 pounds on a night out. He shared the receipts on his social media, which had fans questioning his spending habits. They termed it extravagant. 

At this point, we think Davido should share his available bank balance, so we are not shocked every time he goes out. He always leaves us feeling broke. 

However, like Davido, we aspire to be in a position where money is not an issue.

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Davido spent $150,000 

Back to the jewellery store again. In 2019 Davido, who is not afraid to flaunt his wealth on social media, bought jewellery worth $150,000 in one trip. 

That is N62,091,000million. This happened when he went to Icebox, in the United States and walked in with a Lui Vuitton bag full of cash.

By the time the Jowo star was walking out of the Atlanta-based store, he had spent all that money in just a few hours. We were today years old when we found out that 62 million Nira can be spent in a matter of hours. 

We want to be this stinking rich in life. Davido, please show us your ways.

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Fans Sent Davido Money

Last year, we got to know how much Afro-beats star, Davido, is loved by his fans. On his birthday, he went on Twitter and told his fans to send him money, if they know he had given them a hit song.

He left his name, David Adeleke, as well as his bank account number, for his fans to send money to. The appeal, which he had posted in a lighthearted manner, turned serious and made the musician N140 million richer.
Davido, also known as Omo Baba Olowo (OBO), received some of the money from his colleagues and friends.

The money was supposed to be used to clear his Rolls Royce from the port, but he ended up donating it to an orphanage. He also made a N50 million personal contribution.

Davido was excited that, what started as a joke ended up making a huge difference. Awesome to see the kind of positive influence that OBO has. 

His friends are too wealthy.

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