Too Much In 2Baba's House?

2Baba defends his wife over online trolls

By  | Nov 26, 2021, 09:48 AM  | 2baba  | Top of The

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2baba has come to the rescue of his beautiful wife Annie after fans started trolling her on the social media. This is after Pero’s son and whose father is 2baba was also trolled on social media and some people alleged that this must have been Annie who now is the wife to 2baba. With all these, 2baba feels like, this is the time he needs to stand with the love of his life Annie, and that’s exactly what he does.

2baba, through his Instagram account distanced his wife Annie from the controversial matter and went ahead to criticize the people who bashed his wife online. Many fans have also drummed up support for 2Baba and his wife Annie, and have highly condemned the person behind the evil act. The troll said Justin should advise his mum to stop being a homewrecker and his parents reacted angrily to the troll.

After a hater wrote a harsh comment on their son Justin's Instagram page, the singer and Pero replied. In September the family encountered problems in prompting Annie to accuse 2Baba and Pero of having an affair. Despite the fact that the couple's troubles have been resolved, other ones, such as Pero's court case against Annie, continue to raise eyebrows.

This is not the first time 2Baba is getting into controversy as in the recent past he has been through family issues that has led to people talk about them. Annie, 2baba’s wife has also found herself in wrangles with her husband’s family because of their relationship. Not long ago, Brymo who is a colleague to 2Baba had also placed accusations not once not twice but severally which were claimed to be defamatory.  Shockingly, Pero wants a compensation of at least N500m from Annie, claiming that she had done some malicious publications online about her.

Two months ago, Annie brought it out on social media that her husband 2Baba once lied to her when he said that he was stepping out for a shoot but surprisingly he had travelled to see his ex-wife and three kids something that she stated didn’t please her. As all this was happening, 2Baba had it clear through his social media that he was not interested in the small fights and that he was not ready to see war amongst themselves.

Just two weeks ago, Pero took a legal step on Annie on claims concerning malicious online publication and therefore wanted an apology from her as well as monetary compensation. The elephant in the room is.....what kind of relationship is there between Pero and 2Baba, and the answer is just a co-parenting relationship because of the three kids they have. 

Annie, has done one thing according to Pero’s demands that’s apologizing and she did it generally to family, friends and fans, stating that her few past weeks have not been her best and she feels terrible because of making very poor decisions.

To 2Baba, you need to have your house in order to avoid clashes and unnecessary fights between Pero and Annie. We will keep following this story and update accordingly. 

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