Who Is Nancy Isime’s Boyfriend?

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Nancy Isime is a multifaceted woman who works as a model, actress, and media figure in Nigeria. She was born on December 17, 1991, and hails from the Esan tribe in Edo State, Nigeria.

She is 30 years old right now (would be 31 years by December 2022).

Nancy comes from a four-person family. Isime are her parents, Mr. and Mrs. When Isime was 5 years old, her mother passed away. She is the sister of two siblings.

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Who is Nancy Isime’s Boyfriend?

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One of Nancy Isime's followers' most frequent inquiries is about her relationship. Although the attractive actress has not yet tied the knot, there are rumors that she is dating.

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About her relationship

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Famous Instagram blogger Cuttie Juls alleges that Nancy Isime's ex-boyfriend publicly humiliated her after their relationship ended. Nancy is a media celebrity and the host of the HipTv program "Trending."

According to ExolaTV, Nancy Isime allegedly broke up with Chinedu Petit, the proprietor of the Circa Lounge in Lagos and her longtime partner. According to rumors, the actress ended her romance with Chinedu after meeting a wealthy man.

In retribution for the new post, Chinedu allegedly took back a car present he had given to Nancy Isime while they were dating, among other things. According to rumors, the man feels betrayed and thinks Nancy no longer deserves the automobile.

He claimed he would let Nancy drive his new boyfriend in his car, which is why he had to give his car back.

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Nancy Isime opens up

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Nancy sat down for a TVC interview with the hosts of Wake Up Nigeria to discuss her relationship status and to dispel all the myths. She said the following.

The Wake Up Nigeria host questioned Nancy about if she had time for boys given how much time she spends creating material and working. Nancy answered by saying:

I have no time for men. I had time for a guy, though.

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Nancy responded to the following question from the interviewer: "Most of the time, people in this business, something tends to suffer and most of the time it's relationships."

Why must it endure pain? With guys, it doesn't suffer. Nothing is harmed when the males get married and roam the world. So why does it have to suffer when a woman decides to pursue a career? In terms of relationships, I only handle it.

I'm not in a relationship right now, but I was for the longest time—I'm talking years—and I did a great job of managing it. We are adept at giving time when it is available. I only work while I'm working. I am able to communicate with people when I am free and spend time with them. Balance is the key.
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