Kelly Hansome Attacks Dj Cuppy's Performance At Her Conference

He Says Music Is Not For Everyone

By  | Feb 12, 2021, 11:05 PM  | Drama

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DJ Cuppy’s Gold Dust Conference was aired on Thursday, with musical performances from herself. Ther were varied opinions on the delivery of her songs, but musician Kelly Hansome came with double-barrel guns to his Instagram page, to slam the DJ for a job not well done.
‘If I talk now haters will say their daily prayer “Bla bla bla”. 
 “Ur career don die”. “U’re looking for attention”. “U’re hating”, meanwhile the person chatting has never stood out for anything in life. No be only GELATO, na MALAWI. What is this? This is an insult to music as a career and an embarrassment to NAIJA Music. This is like mocking real Musicians, when did we get here? You cannot buy talent. They would’ve paid me or someone to write a proper song for her, bring out her British accent & all but NO. 
 U would have just come out on Hiptv to insult all of us all 1 by 1, this is wicked. 9ja music is losing bearing, chai! 
 Do you think music is child’s play? If she wasn’t Otedola’s daughter, would you listen to this if it was someone else? Music is not for everyone, if you ain’t got it you ain’t got it. I go soon leave this music for una.
A few hours later, he commented ‘Beat’s dope tho.’

Kelly Hansome, real name Kelechi Orji was one of the artistes who ruled the airwaves in 2002, with his singles Maga Don Pay and Like Play.
He is currently an entrepreneur making footwears for footwear lovers across continents.

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During the time of the viral Stingy Men Association Kelly Hansome dropped some advice for the men on his page:

Don’t just follow any moving train, find out where it’s headed. Direction is better than speed.
So many moving trains in Nigeria but we do not even know where most are headed to. For example, everyone is fronting STINGY MEN ASSOCIATION without asking why anyone should be proudly stingy. Even GOD loves a cheerful giver so will he love a stingy man? The words you say repeatedly become your reality. If GIVERS don’t lack, Stingy man lack. So, don’t border acting like you are now stingy because you joined the SMA, you have never been a giver before. What a wonderful excuse for being broke and stingy. Don’t be afraid of the STINGY MEN, be afraid of THE STINGY WOMEN. Their own no good at all o so please, join something meaningful. Don’t start what you can’t finish. I’m not among them, I give freely.

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Cuppy was in the news recently for her relationship with fellow singer Zlatan which had gone sour from the moment they finished recording her hit song gelato together. We wrote about it here

After the video of Zlatan’s denial of Cuppy on TV, Davido’s crew member Isreal DMW offered moral support for Zlatan and called out Cuppy for not paying the artiste his wages.

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This did not go well with the DJ and she involved her lawyers. As a result, Isreal was served a letter demanding that he offered a suitable public apology to her. He also took pictures of himself prostrating and tagged her father to his apology. 

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