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Zari Hassan has once again proved that she is not only a better mother but also a promise-keeper.

The mother of five proved this after she reportedly bought for her eldest son Pinto Ssemwanga a brand new car.

The news about her buying the car came after a video surfaced online showing a brand new car covered with gift ribbons.

In April this year, Zari promised to buy a car for her son as he turns eighteen this August.

According to Zari, Pinto has been a good child hence deserved all the best treatment he needs.

"18 in August, mama needs to get you a ride. You are a good kid. You deserve all good things @pinto.tlale," Zari said.

Zari has never shied away from expressing her love to her son and the rest of her children. She has always taken to social media to either defend them from the online trollers or heap them with praise.

Weeks ago, she took to Instagram to express how proud she was of her son's achievements.

Zari said she was proud of the eldest son's leadership skills which he has expressed in both school and sports.

Her statement followed after Pinto was appointed the team captain of his team as well his school's deputy president.
"Deputy President of the college and now rugby captain. So proud of you son. More wins, more blessings, more life. I love you @pinto.tlale," she wrote.

While on his 17th birthday, she also revealed that Pinto was the sole heir of his late father's property.

"Heir to the Don Ssemwanga's Kingdom, Help me wish my 1st boy a happy 17th birthday," she said on her Instagram page.

Zari previously revealed that she trusted the eldest son with his leadership skills. She claimed that she trusted her son to take care of her family in case anything happens to her.

According to her, Pinto is "God's angel" who she has always known to be a leader from the day he was born.

"I'd seen love and but when I had you I felt and experienced something different; Real love. Today if something happened to me, I know with all my heart you'd take care of the situation.

Today I celebrate you; You're different, you're chosen, you're God's angel/God's greatest. I love you to the moon, Mars to the moon to mention a few. Gonna leave this here in case make mummy is no more just know mummy knew from day 1, you will be MVP, the world's greatest. I love you, and no, mummy ain't going soon but sometime later😜. I LOVE YOU @pinto.tlale. #FirstSon #FuturePresudent" Zari said.

Zari buying a car for her son comes a month after her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz bought for his children, Nillan and Latifah Dangote electric cars.

The businesswoman was married to the late Ivan Ssemwanga with whom she had three sons, Pinto, Rafael, and Lilq. After separating with Ivan before he passed, Zari later dated Diamond for some time in which they were blessed with two children.
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