Willis Raburu Reveals His Baby's Struggles

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By  | Oct 01, 2021, 12:11 PM  | Willis Raburu  | Top of The

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Willis Raburu’s son is probably turning almost three months anytime from now but Chille! Baby Bazu already knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Willis Raburu recently shared that his son doesn’t want formula, AT ALL. Willis Raburu has said that baby bazu amekataa hiyo kitu.

Taking it to his Instagram, he shared the popular video of Terrence Creative’s wash wash business. If you a fan of Terrence Creatives, you have probably watched his wash wash videos which by the way, are so hilarious. If you haven’t got a chance to watch them please do. Anyway, back to Willis Raburu’s baby. This is not about you Terence. Anyway, in the video, Terrence is saying that if at all he has to have whiskey, it has to be fine whiskey. Willis Raburu compared Terrence and his baby. Captioning the video with, everytime I try to give my son formula, amekataa. Watch the video below.

What do babies really want? Have you ever tried to feed a baby but they don’t want to eat? Like bro, you’ll starve. Can you just eat? I am here trying to help you, please it? Have you ever been in that situation? Mtoto wako alikataa formula by the way? Ama yeye alikubali kukubali?

Willis isn’t shy to post some quality time with his son. He shares videos of them bonding now and then and boy don’t they look cute! With no doubt, he is enjoying fatherhood and seriously looks good on him. He totally makes a good dad. I can tell from the photos he shares on social media where he is taking his baby out on a stroll. He and Ivy are definitely having the best time raising this little human and I am pretty sure they are making the best memories ever.

Willis Raburu seems to be in a happy place currently. By the way, do you know that he is marking eleven years in the media industry today? Wow, Willis! Way to go! I can't even keep a job for two months and here you are celebrating something that you have been doing for what? Eleven years? Oh man, congratulations, you are destined for greatness and better ways are definitely coming. Ever since he joined the media industry, he has really evolved. He started off as a news anchor, and then he transitioned to becoming an entertainment host, and for sure he loves it because he started his own entertainment company, Bazu entertainment which aims at identifying new talent and nurturing them.

We can’t wait to see this baby grow up and to be bright, smart, and funny like his daddy! We can't wait for those twin moments between father and on! Oh and another thing we can't wait for is his name and his face guys, his face! Who does he look like? Is it Willis or Ivy? Maybe the grandma? Ah, Willis, we are out here dying out of curiosity. Do you think he’ll join the entertainment industry or maybe he is destined for something different? 

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