5 Celebs With Bigger Bums Than Vera Sidika Now

Protect them at all costs.

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Up until last week, it was unthinkable that we'd even have an article titled like this. But hey, here we are.

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Vera Sidika's claim to fame was her humongous booty. It has earned her millions of shillings and millions of online followers. Then she shocked the internet two days ago by revealing her new, slimmed down look after getting rid of the extra baggage behind there through a cosmetic procedure.

In an emotional post, she shared that she did it for medical purposes and even went as far as claiming that she would have died if she didn't do it. Coincidentally, her decision comes at a time when exaggerated butts are getting out of fashion and slender figures are all the rage.

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In the recent past, Kim Kardashian, her sister Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have all shrunk their butts. So, could it be that Vera's medical reasons are just a cover and she is simply following a trend? Either way, we big booty connoisseurs are left poorer for it.

Luckily, we still have these celebrities who boast plump, curvy bums and are not shy to share it with their audiences. Here are the five best celebrity booty's after the untimely demise of the old Vera Sidika.

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5. Amber Ray

Day or night, January to December, you're sure to catch socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray flaunting her booty on her Instagram. And who can complain, she rocks it with alluring confidence and she dresses better than any other big-bummed celeb out there. In April, she came out to respond to allegations of butt enlargement, saying, "I have never enhanced any of my body parts. This is me. People say my bambam is not real, but it is."

4. Michelle Ntalami

If you mixed the charming looks of Vanessa Mdee and the perfect figure of 2000's Beyonce, then you get Michelle Ntalami. The ageless Marini Naturals CEO is such a snack she has both genders fighting for her- unfortunately for the fellas, the women seem to be winning so far.

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3. Pritty Vishy

The new kid on the block. She oozes kienyeji energy and has broken all assumptions of what it takes to be a successful online socialite. A lot can be said about Pritty Vishy, but one thing that cannot be argued is whether her bum is natural- because it quite clearly is. She even threw shots at Vera's new look.

2. Cartoon Comedian

If they ever add the term 'slim thick' into the dictionary, they should have a picture of Cartoon Comedian along with it. The Instagram influencer may currently be going through heartbreak but maybe making this list will be consolation enough to help her heal.

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1. Tanasha Donna

The 27-year-old singer is what dreams are made of. All men want her, and all women want to be her. Donna is an impossible mix of grace, beauty, talent... and oh, booty. With Vera out of the scene, she is now the blueprint. Besides, what's good for Simba, is good for us too. 
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