Uhuru's Favorite Program Stopped Thanks To COVID-19

Tough Year

By  | Sep 16, 2020, 05:23 PM  | Top of The

President Uhuru Kenyatta might be having a stressful time trying to calm the rising political temperatures in the country.

Back at home, his living room might need more drama. 
Comedy series Aunty Boss, which the president once shared that he enjoys watching, has come to an end just four months after resuming. 

After 22 seasons on NTV, the comedy series that has been running for eight years announced it will be airing its last episode on Wednesday, September 16.

"It's a wrap on Auntie Boss🎬 They were 8 wonderful years, 22 seasons and hundreds of episodes. We are grateful to all of you for tuning in to watch Auntie Boss every week on NTV. Thank you for supporting this show right through till the end, we love and appreciate all of you.🤗🙏🏾," Moonbeam which produces the series shared on social media. 
Speaking about Uhuru’s confession that he enjoys the program, Moonbeam CEOs Eve D’Souza and Lucy Mwangi told Daily Nation a few years back that their phone blew up after Uhuru surprised everyone during state address. 
Eve was on holiday when it happened and he got hundreds of missed calls and messages as people congratulated her when Uhuru shared. 

It was so surreal,” said Eve in an interview with the Daily Nation after.
“I thought it was a prank because, in my mind, we’re just a little show that’s mostly watched by just my family and friends."

She added:

“A few minutes later, I took out my phone and yelped at all the messages that had come in congratulating us. It’s moments like that that make all the struggles we go through worth it. The President not only made our day, but our year! Our President has such a great sense of humour and is so down to earth I definitely believe he’s watched Auntie Boss."

Cover Image: Ghafla.