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Comedian Mulamwah has welcomed his first child with his long-time babe, Carol Sonnie. First of all, did the baby come a little bit early or what? Just the other day, Carol Sonnie shared a video of her dancing with the caption, guess how many weeks we have left.  And my assumption was that we had a couple of weeks to go. But last night, Mulamwah shared an image on his instastories to insinuate that they were in the labour room and honestly, this news has got us really excited! Because who doesn’t like babies? They are beautiful and adorable, except when they can’t go to sleep, keep you up all night and you have a ten-hour solo shift the following day. Sucks right? But all in all, I love babies, especially new born babies, for some weird reason, babies have the most beautiful scent that I am obsessed with.

The second thing, Carol Sonnie and Mulwamwah’s love story is surreal! It looks like those kinds of love stories we used to see on soap operas. First of all, did you know these two had broken up in October last year? Mulwamwah took it to social media to make the announcement. He talked about things like This wasn’t an easy decision to make at all, especially at this point in my life. It has been a tough year already for me, and for both of us too, and Can't say any more but wish you all the best the world can offer in your Business, family and career. I respect everything about you and your decisions. We didn’t know they were going to come back and announce that they are pregnant and not just back together!

Throughout the months, these two have been sharing their pregnancy journey on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Carol Sonnie had so much energy throughout the videos Mulamwah shared on his social media. Whether it was on TikTok or Instagram, many fans wondered where Carol was getting all her energy from! Some of us couldn’t even move at four months but here is Carol. At almost nine months, and she is still busting moves like an energetic eighteen year old.

For sure, Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie are going to make such great parents. Mulamwah is a comedian and this baby better come with extra sets of ribs because…..
We can’t wait to see Mulamwah twin with his baby and share some of the most adorable videos bonding with his kid. It’s all we are here for! Those adorable bonding moments that make some of us wish they were parents already. Remember that Carol and Mulamwah announced that they had lost a baby before and obviously this is a special moment for them. Wherever they are, it is such a precious moment for these two.

Congratulations to you both! With no doubt, you are going to make excellent parents to this little one. Also, we are waiting for those new moms videos on Tiktok, I am pretty sure you are going to ace them! Welcome to the world Keilah! 

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