Nairobi’s Most Eligible Bachelors

Give them a call ladies

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It is one thing to be hot, another to be smoking hot, how one becomes good-looking cannot easily be explained simply because unless it involves plastic surgery, it is only the creator who can truly explain looks.

What cannot be explained, however, is how a rich and successful person finds themselves in a situation where questions are asked about their sexuality.

Either because they have been single for a long time or are not showing signs of companions in their lives.

The list below presents Kenya's most eligible bachelors.

MacDonald Mariga

The former Harambee Stars and Inter Milan midfielder is one who has raised a lot of questions and turned a couple of necks over the past years.

Despite being the first Kenyan to play in and win the Uefa Champions league, many do not understand why he is still single.

Ideally, it would be expected that girls of all types and sizes would be flocking both his doors and Direct messages both on phone and social media.

Needless to say, as a retired footballer, Mariga’s physique is out of this world and qualifies him to be included in this list as one of the most eligible bachelors the country has to offer.

This is despite the fact that a while back it was rumored that he was dating Joey Muthengi, a media personality. The rumors erupted after a photo of the two together in Italy went viral.

Maina Kageni

Many times it has been rumored that the most trusted radio presenter in the country could be gay.

These rumors emanated from the fact that he has since his introduction into the media world has not really been seen much with someone that he could have been dating.

Maina, however, doesn’t shy away from showing the world that indeed he couldn’t be happier with where he currently is with his life.

On multiple occasions word on the street has been that he has two sons.

He also publicly confessed that he would really love to have a child with former radio presenter and renowned artist Sanaipei Tande.


Okonkwo as he has referred to himself on multiple occasions is another who currently does not have a spouse in his life.

The “Landlord” hitmaker went on record when he stated that he went into some kind of depression after his girlfriend left him.

Despite the fact that he categorically stated that he is currently concentrating on his music career it is clear that the 40-year-old superstar is among the people who are favorites to get back into the dating scene.

Hey ladies, send that DM, If not now, when? If not you, who?

Nviiiri The Story Teller

When you listen to his lyrics you might think that Nviiri is the master in the field of dating.

This could be true, showing what he sings in real life, however, is where he draws the line.

Nviiri has been quite single for as long as we can remember and one cannot help but direct pity towards him especially if one came across a video posted by the superstar on new year’s eve that showed his colleague Bensoul kissing his girlfriend Noni Gathoni and Sauti Sol’s Bien doing the same with his wife Chiki as he watched through the lens of his camera.

Despite all that has been said already, we must all agree that the boy is handsome and his reason for being single is quite unknown.

So ladies, take that leap of faith and slide into his DM asap, then thank us later. We hope being too picky is not the reason he’s alone.

Eric Omondi

Controversial comedian Eric Omondi is quite the figure, everything he does seems to have a hidden intention, for instance, his claim to fight for local music while promoting events.

It would be difficult to know what his real intent is.

Despite the fact that he has been seen around with a lot of women, Eric is for sure not dating anyone currently.

From his wife material shows to the time he actually found someone to marry, it was all for clout.

Ever since he broke up with his Italian girlfriend, he has never really dated anyone for sure, he truly is single and therefore qualifies to be on this list.

Larry Madowo

The CNN anchor is an opportunity waiting to be grabbed, just kidding, but for real, Larry has never been more single.

Questions about his personal life have been raised not once or twice but multiple times as since he was a host for his popular TV show The Trend which aired Friday nights on NTV.

GIve him a call.
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