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Cant stop shedding tears

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Nearly all Kenyans are certain groupies belonging to certain musicians/genres no matter how mainstream or obscure. Of these, some are the skimming/convenient kind and most are of the intermediate/uncertain subgroup. However, the group with the least number of members is the die-hards; the fans who go out of their way to like share, and subscribe, the ones who save money to buy merchandise, the ones who organize come-togethers, no matter how small, to appreciate their beloved idol, the kind of fans who take it upon themselves to lift and emulate the image of a famous artist even though all the effort will likely not bear any fruit, at no fault to the stars.

Yet, for mega-star Nadia Mukami, while every single fan matters, the special ones who utilize extra effort to make her feel loved and valued, she makes feel loved and valued back.

It must be comforting to know that even in spite of not having the means to provide a large monetary contribution towards an artist or their campaign, they still have the heart to recognize and reflect that affection towards you regardless of how bright their star shines or how far their reach falls.
Award-winning singer and songwriter Nadia Mukami is reported to be in mourning today after the superstar lost a beloved member of her community to a grizzly train accident a few hours ago.
In the caption, Nadia said;
"Keith Dublin is no more!! 🙏 He was hit by a train and lost his legs! Keith was one of my biggest Fans! He attended my shows, run some other Nadia Mukami Fans Whatsapp Groups, constantly visited our office and was active during releases!

The images were cruel I couldn’t post them!! May His soul rest in Peace!!

In the picture, Nadia appears to be in costume at a show standing boyishly back-to-back next to her now-departed devotee Keith who is seen posing comically holding up a peace sign and mic in the other, both with post-show ecstasy and exhaustion-ridden looks on their faces.
Nadia described him as loyal, kind, and one of the most enthusiastic supporters who came through for her even when she never asked.   
The fan was said to be one of Nadia's favorites and was very close with the songstress.
She posted a white flower on her Instagram Stories and highlighted the date to commemorate her dearly departed fan.
Source: Instagram. Screenshot by aurthor

Other fans offered a sympathetic shoulder to the multi-talented artist on her comment section but she has since been MIA on social media.
"May his Soul rest in peace"
"So sad. Thats why we are told to help each other life is so short. R.I.P."
"pole sana Nadia, may Keith's soul rest in eternal peace."
It might not be too far-fetched to believe that it was the presence of fans like these that helped Nadia come back to social media after she quit due to the increase in bullying and hate she received the higher she rose in her career. 
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