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Demonic move?

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Most celebrities like to show their fans that they are living a comfortable life. They do so by showing off their properties or letting their fans know that they are living a comfortable life.

On Sunday, gospel artist Moses Tarus Omondi alias Mr. Seed tried to do the same, letting his fans know that he still has money even at the current economic hardship.

In a video posted on Instagram, Mr. Seed shows a bundle of dollars he has. He tells his followers that he is still pocketing some good money even as the country is under lockdown.

"We May Be on Lockdown but the Pocket is still On Upgrade," he captioned that video.

His post did not. however, sit well with many of his followers who accused him of showing off despite being a gospel artist.

"Wanaitwa gospel artists, haki tuwaombee sana," a follower commented.

According to the followers, the move by the artist was "unGodly". They suggested that instead of the musician flaunting his cash, he should help the needy.

"Imagine someone in need of what you showing media right now @little.ayah support her 😢😢," a follower suggested.

"Wenye mali kuona binguni nikama ngamia kupita kwenye tundu la sindano 😢😂," another noted.

Others questioned whether he had joined the secret society for him to have such a huge amount of money at the time when the entertainment industry has seriously been affected by the ongoing lockdown.

"Gathe ama uko Illuminati?" Simiyu Dancer asked.

Celebrities have been accussed of showing off their wealth and money to the public as well as living an extravagant life. But once they get broke, they run to the public to help them raise money.

Kenyans have therefore cautioned Mr. Seed not to be part f the celebrities that have run to the public for help but should instead use his money wisely.

"Doo mingi hayoo but kesho watupea pay bill tafadhali ficha white for somethings, show off will kill you one day," one Hazel Memcy advised.

"Bora baadaye tusipewe pay bill number🤨," one Dennis Muga added.

Despite the bashing from several followers others noted that the singer should enjoy his sweat.

"Enjoy your blessings!" Lady Nje told the singer.

Video of Mr. Seed showing off his money;

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