Mejja's Ex Girlfriend Suddenly Changes Tune After Wishing Him A Bad Life

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Award-winning Kenyan musician Mejja's ex lover - Milly Wairimu - is the talk of the town once again and this time around it's because she seems desperate to get back with the Siskii hit maker.

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A few hours ago, the lass who was in a relationship with Mejja for 16 months or so before they split up put up a posts that fueled speculation that she was keen on mending her relationship with the singer.

"I miss my man or her man or our man. Whoever's man it is, I miss him," she wrote.

Milly's remarks elicited mixed reactions from social media users, most of whom were of the opinion that she should move on and find another person to date since that ship had already sailed.

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Others wondered why she misses someone whom she wished a bad life a few weeks ago. According to them, she might be on a revenge seeking mission.

When Mejja turned a year older in May this year, Milly decided to take a swipe at him and told him that he has to pay for his wickedness.

While it's not clear what caused the two lovers to split up, social media were left with more questions than answers after her remark.

"Happy Birthday idiot. I wish you nothing but bad life. I mean you have to pay for your wicked ways. Jibambe," she wrote.

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Earlier this year, Milly claimed that the popular Genge musician used to cheat on her with video vixens while they were together.

She was responding to a statement that was made earlier by Mejja where he  noted that men settle where there is peace.

"A man settles where he finds peace. Not beauty, not money, not status but peace," he stated.

The statement seemed to insinuate that Milly was not giving him peace, and this seemed to set her off as she took to her Facebook page to open up her heart about what really happened between the two of them.

In response, Milly shared a photo of herself alongside Mejja and noted that while she was married to him, she was not looking pretty but instead looked like someone from the upcountry. 

She added that Mejja’s claims that he is in search of peace are not entirely further explaining that the musician has even sued her for defamation and they are set to meet in court, which is something she is ready for. 

Milly revealed that on her part, what Mejja considers peace is cheating, abandoning, and abuse among other things. This isn’t the first time that Milly has spoken out about her famous ex-lover.

She has also previously made a remark that no woman should be treated like Mejja treated her.
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