Media Exits That We Didn’t See Coming

Surprise surprise!

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Media houses in Kenya are always changing the landscape of their workspace. Many co-anchors and co hosts had to break up either because they were declared redundant or their partners moved to greener pastures. 

Anchors and hosts moving from one media house to another have always shocked many. One, viewers usually think it is either a downgrade or an upgrade. Two, they never saw it coming! Most of the splits are usually unpredictable.

Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena 

We love to see Lulu Hasan and Rashid Abdalla but let’s not forget about the chemistry between her and Kanze Dena before she left Royal Media to work at the State House as a  spokesperson.

Her exit was a shock to many as no one saw that coming. We love to see Lulu work beside Rashid, but there is no denying the chemistry between these two powerful women. The two have been friends ever since.

Jeff and Jalas 

Admit it; you listened to Hot96 only because of Jalango and Jeff Koinange. The duo made radio so much fun! Thanks to the two, The Hot Breakfast show was among the most listened to show. After some time, Jalang’o left Hot 96 to join Milele and later KISS 100. Talk about hopping from one media house to another!

Kamene and Kibe

Kamene Goro and Andy Kibe are another team that exited NRG radio to join KISS 100 and left many fans shocked.  After some time, Andy Kibe left the station and has his own radio station, Rogue Radio. Kamene now hosts the Morning Kiss with Jalang'o. 

Ken Mijungu

Celebrated news anchor and business man Ken Mijungu is another who shocked many when he left the Kimathi street based media house NTV.

This came after widespread speculation that the sidebar host had been sacked as a result of restructuring at the Nation Media Group.

He, however seems to have landed on his feet as he got a new job at KTN News where he serves as both a news anchor and Editor.

Lofty Matambo and Fridah Mwaka

These two journalist also left many in awe after they both called it quits at the Standard Group Limited and moved straight to the Nation media Group.

This is a move that was initially viewed to be quite unlikely since both of them seemed very happy on screen working with their previous employer.

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