Mean Celebs That Are Actually Kind

Give them a chance

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We’ve all heard of celebrity nightmares –the ones that don’t want to take pictures, don’t want to be greeted, the ones that are lowkey rude and unaccommodating… blegh!

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But what about the other crew? 
Some celebs love their fans like their friends, and dont see themselves being above having natural human contact with people happen to look up to them… the good ones. Here, we’ve made a list of the sweetest and most kind celebrities you probably never knew were!

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph is tough when it comes to his lyrics, his physique and even how he claps back at people that try him.

But what many don’t know is that Khali is just a little adorable man underneath all that hard steel! Many people (including myself) that have met him know that he is the most kind and jovial celeb you will ever encounter. He greets all of his fans as if they are friends, and sometimes he even gets very charitable so if you meet him at the supermarket, he just might offer to pay for your goods!

What a sweet soul.

Vera Sidika

Vera has been blasting her haters for a while now during her pregnancy, but don’t let that fool you –she is said to not just be extra sweet to her fans, Vera is also the best boss you could have.

One of her former workers went under a comment section just to appreciate his former boss. According to him, she is loving, concerned with your welfare, pays on time, and is the realest celeb you will meet. 

Kudos, future momma!

Amber Ray

Amber comes off as kind of mean because she has to fight so many haters, but people say that she is one of the nicest celebs they have ever known.

It has been reported that even if she is in a hurry, Amber always stops to ask about you (attentively), take a pic if you want, and will always flash an insanely beautiful grin when she is speaking to you! She even compliments you when you’re feeling frumpy.

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The fact that she had to fight off many people that were against her relationship with Jamal didn't make it easy, though.
Now she is out of it however and from the looks of things, Amber is living a very rich (pun intended) life.

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