Madiba Opens Up On Losing His Father Hours Before He Got His Big Break

Bitter sweet.

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Celebrated actor Blessing Lungaho recently revealed that he received the news of his father's passing hours before he go big break in the acting industry.

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Blessing, who is popularly known as Madiba, was a guest on Radio Maisha on Tuesday where he divulged that he was informed that his father had died and moments later he was told that he had landed a major role.

He explained that although it was a bitter-sweet moment, it was sad for him because his father died before he achieved his lifelong dream of being an accomplished actor.

"At the time, I did not see it as a good thing because no child wishes to lose their parent before achieving anything. I think the dream of any child is for your parent to see you shining.

"If you achieve something and the people who pushed you to do that thing are no longer there, it does not feel like a full achievement. I would have loved my father to see me achieve all these things," Blessing explained.

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Further, he divulged that the role he has enjoyed and hated at the same time was playing Mejja in Citizen TV's hit drama Maria because the character was really mean and the people he was acting with  were his close friends. As such, he did not want to be hostile to them but he had to.

"In Maria, I played a military man who was masquerading as a house manager. He had corrupt dealings with the boss. In that role I had to bully people who were my close friends in real life. However, I would apologise to them when the cameras stopped rolling," he added.

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Blessing also disabused the rumor that he met his fiancée Jackie Matubia - who is pregnant with their first child - on the set of Zora since they both had roles in the show.

He revealed that he and Jackie met and started talking after he was invited for an interview at Switch TV - where the latter was working at the time.

“She use to host the Chatspot show on Switch TV. That is where we met three years ago. We started talking and then God did his thing. We both landed roles on Zora when we were dating and it’s just a job like any other with its rules, so we did what we had to do,” Blessing remarked. 
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