KOT Want Carol Radull For FKF Job

Netizens ask Linda Ogutu to leave new Job to the sports journalist

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All Football Kenya Federation (FKF) officials have been suspended, by Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, to allow for investigations into the federation's finances.

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The CS also announced the appointment of Linda Ogutu, KTN news anchor, to lead a newly formed Football Kenya Federation (FKF) caretaker committee secretariat.

Following this news, Kenyans on Twitter (KoT) took it upon themselves to call on Linda Ogutu to leave the job to Carol Radull who is a respected sports journalist. 

Radull is very vocal when it comes to sports and it seems Kenyans on Twitter really love her for the job, as her opinions on the sport that she loves are often of sound mind and clearly resonate with a number of people.
Social media users were especially not thrilled with the news, and they saw it fit to make Linda Ogutu trend the whole night. The topic of discussion was whether she was the right fit. Linda saw the posts and couldn’t believe what she was seeing, as she tweeted the question why she was trending? To which KoT didn’t waste time in informing her what was happening.

Fans rushed to tell her to refuse the appointment as it wasn't a right fit for her.

Some of the commenters even questioned her knowledge of the game.

One fan came to Linda's defense, noting that the position requires someone in a management position, and not really someone who understands football, thus the anchor was qualified.

Carol Radull is also a trending topic on Twitter today as fans continue to take up for her to get the top position.

One fan though, asked a series of reasonable questions as he wondered why people were picking on Linda. In one question he asked if Carol was even offered the job.

What do you think is right here? Do you think Linda should give up her spot for Carol?

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