Kenya’s Top 4 Rugby Hunks

Aren’t they fine!

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The Kenya national sevens rugby team made history in 2018 after winning the leading cup at the Singapore leg of the Sevens Rugby Series. Since then, all eyes have been on these players. Who are they, really? 

At Kelebrity, we thought it was time to celebrate these hot bodies that do most of the work in the field. Their short shorts and their masculine bodies are mainly why most women go out to watch rugby. If you ever attend a rugby game, ask the lady sitting next to you if she has any idea what is happening; chances are she knows absolutely nothing! She is just there for the sweaty sexy bodies- I mean, who wouldn’t?

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Sammy Oliech 

26-year-old Sammy Oliech caused much frenzy amongst ladies, especially when he was just 24 years old. Every time the players land in the country from a game, Kenyans On Twitter, KOT, especially ladies, will mostly retweet photos of Sammy Oliech. The player was nicknamed the Kenyan Idris Elba as many think that they look alike.

Biko Adema 

No lie, Biko Adema has made watching rugby such a fun thing to do! His broad shoulders and his light skin are some of the things that make women run to the field. Still, wondering why a lot of women attend these rugby matches? Now you know.

Kevin Gisore 

Kevin Gisore is not just a rugby player; he is also a family man. His gorgeous skin and contagious smile would make ladies scream out his name every time he is in the field. 

Philip Wamae

His gentle body and his smooth skin make women scream on top of their lungs. Philip Wamae takes the fourth position on our list. He has a nice broad shoulder and a smile that makes him so- attractive! He gained popularity because of his brownish eyes and his amazing height that almost every lady in town admired.
One thing that Nairobi women have for Kenyan Rugby players- Weakness! We asked a random lady why he admires rugby players, and her answer was, ‘their bodies provide safety.’  Women are suckers for big, muscular, tall, and handsome men. And according to them, a rugby player has all that! If you look at some of these players, their bodies are dipped in all forms of sexiness. Ladies would agree with that. 

Are you familiar with any of the above-mentioned guys? If the answer is yes, then maybe you should save up for the next game ticket.
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