Keeping Up With Dangote’s Sons

Who is the most stylish?

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Papa bear Diamond Platnumz is trying his best to keep up with all his sons and her only daughter. Diamond Platnumz is known as father Abraham because he has sired kids with three women across East Africa. In Kenya, he has a son with singer and songwriter Tanasha Donna. In Tanzania, he has a son with Hamisa Mobetto while Zari closes the list from Uganda. The singer has two children with Zari. Over the years, Diamond’s kids have grown up to be the most adorable kids. They are no longer as little as they used to be. Here are Diamond’s three sons; who do you think is the most stylish of the three?

Diamond’s baby mamas don’t beef with one another. Tanasha and Hamisa, for example, wished each other a happy mother’s day. Fans were surprised by the move of these two. Hamisa Mobeto once shared a video of her jamming to Tanasha’s song, liar, to which the singer reposted with a lot of excitement. As for Zari, she has really not been associated with the other baby mamas. However, this does not mean there is bad blood. We choose to be associated with some things and choose not to with others, which is okay. 

Prince Nillan 

Prince Nillan is Hamisa’s son with Zari Hassan. Nillan made headlines on his first birthday . The kid did not even know what was happening, and he could not even talk yet; he was trending on twitter after his dad splashed 952,000 shillings for his first birthday.

The king of Bongo paid for air tickets for his friends to attend the party.  More than 10 members from Wasafi records flew to South Africa from Dar es Salaam to celebrate their boss’ son's first birthday. Several celebrities like Mafiki Zolo graced the celebration at Diamond’s mansion located in South Africa.

Naseeb Junior is Tanasha’s son with Diamond Platnumz. Out of the three, Naseeb is the youngest and Tanasha’s only son. Naseeb’s pics with Tanasha proves that he is very stylish. Recently, he stepped out with hair that looks like his dad’s, and fans were quick to comment that he was following his father’s footsteps.

Dylan Naseeb is Hamisa’s son. He is a model who showcases some of the baby clothing from her mother’s fashion line, Mobetto’s kid's corner. At only four years old, Dylan is already showcasing his modeling skills. He has proven to be the most stylish of all the Dangote’s clan.


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