Karen Spotted Spending Time With Samidoh (Video)

They simply can't resist each other!

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It seems as though these though just can’t stay away from each other. Truly the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.

New video evidence from Instagram suggests that Karen and Samidoh spent time together on Saturday.

On her latest post on Instagram, the former Nairobi women representative aspirant shared a video on her Instagram suggesting that she was spending time with the Kikuyu musician.

The video shows Karen on the passenger seat of a moving car at night with the background music of King Kaka’s song, “Ganji Ya Love”.

“Hi babe uko busy nikupange? Si ukam home hivi nikukande. Najua kesho uko na fam ni Sunday. Leo ni siku yangu siku ya clande,” went the background song to the video.

From the lyrics, Karen insinuates that since Sunday is a day for spending time with the family, Samidoh was spending time with her today since she is the side chick.

On the other hand, just two days earlier, Samidoh took to Instagram to insinuate that it was hard leaving Karen. On an Instagram story post, Samidoh shared a picture of himself with a background music of the song, “Siski” by Mejja.

“Siskii, siskii, siskii. Niliambiwa nimuache siskii. Kamote, kamote, kamote. Pengting ameniseti kamote” went the song.

Are these two trying to tell us something? Are these hidden messages trying to tell us that they can’t stay away from each other? Well, we don’t know about you but we believe they are trying to communicate something.

This comes only a few months after social media went ablaze when netizens found out that Samidoh had cheated on his wife with Karen and in the process, got a baby with her.

The trolling was so bad that the musician took to Instagram to issue a public apology to his wife and his fans for stepping out of his marriage vows.

Karen and Samidoh history

News of their affair began after a leaked video of the two surfaced online. In the video, Karen and Samidoh appeared to get cosy despite the musician being married with kids. From the video, the two seemed to be on holiday together and spending quality time together.

Shortly afterwards, Karen revealed that she was indeed having an affair with Samidoh and they had a son together. The allegations were followed by a video of the musician singing to Karen’s son trying to make him sleep. Karen also shared Whatsapp messages showing the two were indeed an item. 

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