Governor Sonko's Daughter Tells Off Trolls


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Governor Mike Sonko’s firstborn daughter Saumu has advised women to give up if their relationships fail.

The lass who at some point was the talk of the town after her break-up with her babay daddy Ben Gatu, shared her sentiments on Instagram saying;

“After all, not all ships are supposed to work in life…if relationship ain’t working try other ships like entrepreneurship or even worship.”

Saumu is married to Lamu senator Anwar Loitiptip and welcomed their first child together a few months ago.

Rumours have been going round that the young mother and her better half Anwar are not in good terms but she hasn’t come out speak about it.

Not so long ago, she told off trolls, who claimed she jumps from one man to another after she parted ways with Ben Gatu, the father of her firstborn child.

"Those women coming to my page saying how i’m jumping from one man to another kindly do your maths well. Wewe mwenye kila siku unatega si wa facebook, si wa club, si kwa madating apps. You are busy on facebook, in clubs and dating apps looking for men, respect yourself,"

The governors daughter angrily told off trolls;
‘Mnakuja kwa yangu kuandika upuzi ama kwenye vijigroup zenu munikome. hampendi kuona wasichana wenzenu wakitulia yenu kazi kila siku kutega. wengi wetu hatukuzaliwa na kulelewa hivyo"

You’re coming to my page to write nonsense and gossiping about me in groups…leave me alone. you don’t like to see other women prosper and all you do is search for men. some of us weren’t born that way.

She got into her first relationship at the age of 21 with a lot of nativity and expectations that it would lead to marriage. Saumu separated with Ben Gatu in 2017. She accused him of using her for political mileage.
The break-up left her devasted. She wrote in a past caption how she got into depression and almost committed suicide;

“Let me use myself as an example, my first relationship I was only 21 young and naïve. Thinking the relationship would lead to marriage, it totally damaged me and left me on depression pills for a while. The same fear of being judged is what I had until I choose myself and my child’s happiness over everything,”

Saumu now uses her platform to encourage women.

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