Esther Musila Net Worth

Is Esther Musila that wealthy?

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Esther Musila Net Worth 

Esther Musila is a content creator and fanatic based in Nairobi. Following her affair with Kenyan gospel musician Guardian Angel, she gained notoriety and became an internet marvel. Critics discussing the two lovers' age difference set the internet on fire. This page explores Esther Musila net worth and her personal life. 

Elizabeth Musila Age and Birthplace

Esther was born in 1970, and in 2022 she will turn 52. As the quiet woman she is, she keeps this information confidential, therefore her home address is still unknown.
Credit: Facebook | Esther Musila

Although Musila's academic credentials are unknown, her later successes and employment show that she received a top-notch education while in school.

Esther Musila Career 

Credit: Facebook | Esther Musila

Ms. Musila has a sterling record and has worked for renowned organizations both domestically and abroad. She worked as a program manager overseeing effective water and sanitation initiatives in Lagos and Nepal. She has an additional eighteen years of experience working for the UN as a global civil servant. 

Despite being under the radar often, she attracted substantial media attention when she decided to date Angel, who is almost the agemate of her children.

Esther Musila Personal Life, Husband, Dating

She is a mother to three young adults, ages 30, 27, and 23. People have been talking about her dating the gospel musician Guardian Angel. The couple has repeatedly expressed to the world their happiness and satisfaction in their union. They had a date set up after Musila's positive response to the song Guardian Angel had released after meeting on a local radio station.
Esther also enjoys working out, which helps her look younger than her actual age. She also enjoys music and creates content as pastime. She publishes her songs and videos on a YouTube channel she manages.

Esther Musila Net Worth and Assets

Credit: Facebook | Esther Musila

Musila is a wealthy woman who has achieved commendable levels of professional accomplishment. For instance, Guardian Angel has had to explain to others that he is not involved in the relationship for financial gain. She has not disclosed her exact net worth or the nature of her assets as of the time this story was published.

She also doesn't flaunt and keeps her personal matters discreet. We will keep you up to date as information of Ester Musila net worth emerges. Below are some photo of the internet sensation, Guardian Angel’s lover, and mother of three.
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