Eric Omondi Makes Fun Of Bobi Wine and Museveni

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Ugandans are currently voting for their next president and the country has been in great turmoil for the past few months. The two biggest candidates are Bobi wine and President Museveni. The two have been fighting each other for years. 
Bobi Wine believes that Museveni has nothing to tell people and the only thing left for him to do is make false accusations against him.
The Ghetto gladiator also faulted the interviewer for asking a question he felt was not necessary at such a time.
 “As we speak Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe and more than 100 are in jail for doing nothing and you cannot talk about that but homosexuals, come on Simon don’t be like one of those journalists being used to divert people by talking about nonsense,” 

he said

 Bobi wine for a long time has been accused by President Museveni to be backed by homosexuals and European powers, but he made himself clear and said he is being supported by Ugandans.
Amidst all these, comedian Eric Omondi found the whole thing as ajoke. In a post on his Instagram the comedian mimicked a Ugandan accent and made fun of the two candidates.
Some fans found this to be funny while others thought it was insensitive given the situation Ugandans are in at this time. 

Eric is loved all over Africa but was this not so much a joke? Did he forget the battle going on or is he too ignorant? 

Currently Ugandans don’t have access to social media and there is clear unrest on what will happen after the elections.

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