Elsa Majimbo Makes It To Forbes Top 30 Under 30


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Digital content creator and comedian Elsa Majimbo's star has been steadily rising since she shot to fame in 2020 through her short sarcastic comedy clips. The comedian has now been named among the Forbes top 30  under 30 most influential people in the world.
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Sharing the newsa on her Twitter Elsa had this to say,", "Woke up being on Forbes list. I'm crying because I keep being blessed and successful... anyway #Grateful."
Among other prominent personalities who appeared on the list are Justin Bieber's wife Hailey Bieber and Sidney Sweeny.

This isn ot the first time Elsa has appeared on Forbes.Just a few months ago she was in the list as well. Back in June, the 20 year old comedian has been named in the Forbes Africa top 30 under 30 list. As her die-hard fans would say, the God of Elsa has done it again.

She went on to tweet 

“Imagine posting videos cause of boredom and ending up on Vogue, GQ etc,getting Forbes 30 under 30 and other awards, moving to LA and creating a global audience and way more.  How did we get here”

The 20 year Old’s career took off when she started doing satirical monologues on social media. She would mostly do them while eating crisps on a bed while having those funny tiny 90’s sunglasses on. Well it worked for her but after a while Kenyans were not buying into her content.

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To think that she was supposedly cancelled by Kenyans that she was not even funny is just outrageous. She however did not succumb to the online hate she got from her own compatriots, she instead focused on those who accepted and supported her content. South African audience became her biggest supporters and she embraced them too. 

She has gone on to become one of the biggest superstars to come out of Kenya and it is quite clear to see why. Eventually more and more Kenyans have become more receptive of her content and you have to wonder what that hate was all about in the beginning.

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